We campaign for a more humane society where secularism
is upheld and humanist values are championed.
Even though the Philippine constitution is secular, we are subject to the most socially conservative laws in the world,
based on church doctrine which dictates “moral” or “immoral” behavior. We want to change this.


Since 2014, we are a community of humanists, atheists, and non-religious people, united by common goals for the greater good of humanity.


From campaigning against religious discrimination to elevating the lives of individuals, we work towards a dignified world lifted from ignorance, chaos, and poverty.


Ready for change? Find out how you can contribute further and make a real difference in advancing humanism and be a force for good in society.

Hostility toward humanists, atheists, and the non-religious is more widespread than that toward any other minority group.

They report being abused or threatened because of their beliefs, and many have faced ostracism or difficulty finding work. In recent years, the number of countries where religiously unaffiliated people experienced harassment rose notably, the Philippines is not an exception.

Double Your Impact

HAPI is rushing supplies and resources to vulnerable communities in the Philippines during these difficult times. You can be part of realizing change with a monthly donation.

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