HAPI Jr. Holds Brunch and Gift-Giving for Bulaceño Kids!

HAPI Jr. Holds Brunch and Gift-Giving for Bulaceño Kids!

By Angie Driskell
HAPI Jr. Ambassador

The children of HAPI-Bulacan said goodbye to 2021 and welcomed 2022 with a brief year-end activity last January 2, 2022. Thanks to very generous donors, the HAPI Jr. Bulacan Brunch and Gift-Giving ensured that each child participant received a toy to play with. They were then served homemade cheeseburgers, a cup of champurrado (rice porridge made with cocoa powder and milk), and bottled water for brunch. Their guardians were also included in the brunch distribution. The HAPI Jr. Volunteers were able to distribute several extra meals to children passing by in the spirit of starting the new year with a little extra kindness.

The random acts of kindness did not stop there. In the afternoon, the volunteers took to the streets of Caloocan to distribute more of the meals to people who were either passing by or hard at work. They approached tricycle drivers, bus terminal porters, and workers at a repair shop and provided them with a hearty and tasty snack. They also distributed meals to children they saw on the street and their guardians. The smiles of the recipients were priceless. It just goes to show that a little bit of kindness can truly go a long way.

HAPI Jr. has not let the pandemic hinder its commitment to providing smiles for kids in Bulacan and beyond. This brunch and gift-giving event is only the latest in a series of donation drives that the Special Department has launched, following the Family Fair, Love in a Bowl, and Springtime. All of these events follow the recommended health protocols in an effort to keep the happiness going.

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