A HAPI Way to Help: Donating to a Family in Need

It’s heartening to hear about instances where immediate action is taken to assist those in need. On July 22, 2023, HAPI National, together with volunteers Princess Paquiz and Arnel Inocencio, made a visit to a family residing in Sampaloc, Manila, who were in dire need of help. The purpose of this visit was to assess their situation and provide much-needed support and aid.

It all began when Mutya Valenzuela, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of HAPI, came across a distressed mother’s plea for assistance on social media. Antonette Provido sought help for her children, urgently needing milk, vitamins, and medicine for fever and cold. Their living conditions were dire, residing under a bridge beside train tracks, with makeshift tents crafted from scraps like tarpaulins, sacks, plywood, and ropes. However, these rudimentary structures failed to shield them from rain, causing water to accumulate and attract mosquitoes, making their location hazardous. Upon learning about Ms. Provido and her children’s plight, Ms. Valenzuela realized this was a pressing issue she could not overlook.

While Ms. Provido initially requested milk and vitamins, Ms. Valenzuela thoroughly evaluated the circumstances and recognized the potential benefits of including GO Humanity’s food security program. In total, five families comprising around 30 individuals were provided with packages containing groceries and clothing. The Provido family, in particular, received essential items like medicine, vitamins, clothing, groceries, and even food for their beloved pets. Although HAPI is not technically a charity, there are instances when urgent action becomes necessary to extend help to those in need.

“In the past, my life resembled theirs – devoid of electricity, lacking access to medicines when sick, and struggling to find enough food to eat,” shared Ms. Valenzuela. “There were instances when hunger drove us to seek solace in sleep, just to momentarily forget the hunger. Consequently, when they contacted me through social media, I didn’t hesitate to extend my assistance, fully understanding their plight because I had experienced similar circumstances before.”

Prior to leaving the family’s location, Ms. Valenzuela engaged in a discussion about safeguarding themselves from dengue since they reside near the railroad tracks, resulting in their flooring remaining constantly wet due to canal waters and other sources, as well as water piling up on the tarps. She also offered guidance on feeding their pets using the provided food and snacks instead of using their own meals. Her final advice to the family was to use the grocery items wisely, suggesting that fresh meat and vegetables remain the best choice for the children’s well-being. During their time in Manila, Ms. Valenzuela and HAPI Jr. Ambassador Angie Driskell visited three HAPI Jr. members and kindly provided them with grocery packs as well.

HAPI’s heartfelt thank you goes out to GO Humanity for generously providing vitamins to all the children and rice to all the families. We also extend our sincere appreciation to HAPI donor Aneem At-Shiyaam Ysmael for their contribution, which included snacks, various groceries, and clothes that were thoughtfully distributed. Our deepest thanks go to HAPI CFO Mutya Valenzuela for her kindness in providing treats, cat food, dog food, medicine, and a birthday meal. Additionally, we are immensely grateful to Angie Driskell and her family for their additional support, including cat food, clothes, canned goods, and other essential grocery items. Your compassion and support have made a significant difference to those in need.

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