HAPI Represented at Bacolod Leadership Summit

“Youth is the backbone of nation-building”
– Lailah Gifty Akita

HAPI-Bacolod‘s Junius Dale Capus was recently invited to speak at the Augustinian Leadership Summit, YOUth Talk last August 1, 2023. Espousing the chapter’s goals, he spoke about youth empowerment and the organisation’s mission and vision.

His talk started by introducing HAPI – our goals, mission, vision, and various events. The rest of the session was an enlightening open forum centred around youth leadership and empowerment.

“I shared the importance of being socially aware as a leader,” Capus shared. “I discussed how they can come up with effective tactics and strategies through creativity, art, and narratives to awaken the political consciousness of the students and the people around them.”

The event hosted by Colegio San Agustin – Bacolod‘s student government aimed to provide information that would help the youth determine how they could become better leaders in their community. With emerging and empowered leaders of the school in attendance, the event provided the audience with speakers who are figureheads in topics like climate change, culture & arts, human rights, and youth leadership in the region.

The place buzzed with energy because of the knowledge being bounced off the participants and the speakers. Capus commented that the students actively asked questions on how to dismantle the oppressive system and how to forward their causes.

“That was an empowering moment. It inspires me to know that they are also striving to resist and brave enough to speak the truth. Rage, love, and hope are visible and brought to light,” Capus described his experience.

The Bacolod chapter of HAPI and its members has always been active in various events held by other organisations. This is evident in their involvement in numerous other causes interconnected with HAPI’s core values. For them, it is a way of keeping the fight alive and burning in their hearts.

When asked about the impacts of talks like this on HAPI, Capus explained that this is an avenue and a platform for potential members, volunteers, and participants that can be the instrument in mobilizing our missions.

“They were enthusiastic to build partnerships and be part of the movement. It says a lot,” he stated.

Leadership summits like this exhibits the abilities and contribution of leaders and other role players in the change that we want to see. It gives them the platform to speak about their experiences to empower more youth and their communities.

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