HAPI-Sorsogon Dances to a Healthier Life

“Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle”
– Jules Robson

Fun, food, and fitness! Those are the driving force of HAPI-Sorsogon in their latest activity that also served as their wrap-up for the month of August.

For fitness, the chapter held an interactive Zumba session at Abucay Basketball Court in Abucay, Pilar, Sorsogon. Approximately 25 participants attended and took part in dancing their hearts away. The Zumba class was headed by Joel Calzo, dance fitness instructor, together with Abucay & Cabiguan Women’s Organization.

Zumba has become a trendy workout all over the world. The classes alternate between high- and low-intensity dance moves designed to increase heart rate and cardio endurance. Because Zumba involves full-body movement — from your arms, shoulders, and feet — you’ll get a full-body workout.

It is also worth mentioning that Zumba is a fun experience because it also promotes camaraderie and interaction between the participants and the instructor. No wonder this routine became popular in the Philippines, too.

Nica Asilo, HAPI Sorsogon’s Social Media Manager, mentioned how every participant enjoyed the event and accommodated everyone who was willing to join them.

“They [were] all excited. The participants [arrived] at the event earlier than HAPI-Sorsogon and the instructor,” Asilo noted.

For the food part of the activity, the attendees gathered and were served a healthy snack after an energetic display of dancing and laughing. They were served a bowl of soup with noodles. The spectating kids also took part and were given their snacks.

This event was made possible thanks to GO Humanity and their food security program that tirelessly supports HAPI in educating people about a healthy and sustainable diet.

“Thank you for making it possible. We really enjoyed the event and hope that this Zumba session will be regular in the barangay,” Asilo exclaimed, sharing words of gratitude for the event’s sponsor.

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Glemir Sordilla
Glemir Sordilla

Glemir Sordilla is the HAPI Associate Editor! A true blue Bacoleña, she is also an active member of HAPI-Bacolod.

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