Leading Myself, Leading Others: HAPI’s Youth Leadership Training Program

Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) celebrated a momentous occasion last October 21 and 22, 2023, as it hosted an inspiring Youth Leadership Training Program. This transformative event, generously sponsored by Humanists International, gathered bright young minds from various chapters – HAPI-Sorsogon, HAPI-Bacolod, HAPI-Alabang, HAPI-Bulacan, HAPI-Cagayan De Oro, and HAPI-National – at the heart of Dampol 1st, Plaridel, Bulacan.

The program wasn’t just a conventional leadership training; it was a platform designed to ignite passion, nurture skills, and instil the values of humanism among the youth. Through engaging workshops, interactive sessions, and insightful discussions, participants delved into the core principles of effective leadership, community engagement, and the significance of humanism in shaping a brighter future.

“The Youth Leadership Training Program is important not only to the young and future leaders of the organization but [also] for the future and stability of the organization itself,” chimed Ms. Angelica Driskell, one of the trainees and HAPI Junior Ambassador. “Eventually, the current leaders will have to hand everything over to the youth. These young and capable officers need to have the skills and confidence to continue HAPI’s mission.”

The agenda was meticulously crafted to encompass a spectrum of vital topics, including communication skills, problem-solving strategies, and the art of collaborative teamwork. Participants were encouraged to think critically, share ideas, and develop action plans aiming to create positive change within their communities.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the event was the fostering of connections among the attendees. Young leaders shared experiences, exchanged perspectives, and forged bonds transcending geographical boundaries. This camaraderie created a network of like-minded individuals driven by a common goal – to champion humanism and lead with compassion.

The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the delegates were truly inspiring. As they absorbed knowledge, honed their skills, and embraced humanist principles, it became evident that these young leaders were poised to significantly impact their localities and beyond.

The success of the Youth Leadership Training Program stands as a testament to the collective effort of HAPI and the generous support of Humanists International. Together, they have empowered the youth and sown the seeds for a future where compassion, reason, and leadership pave the way for a more enlightened society.

This event was not just a training program; it was an investment in the future. It reinforced the belief that when empowered with knowledge, guided by humanist values, and equipped with leadership skills, the youth become catalysts for positive change – a beacon of hope for a world brimming with empathy, understanding, and progress.

About the Author

Mutya Valenzuela

Mutya Valenzuela is the bubbly Chief Finance Officer of HAPI!

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