HAPI’s Got New Officers for 2024!

“The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined efforts of each individual.”
– Vince Lombardi

Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) just celebrated its momentous tenth anniversary. With this milestone, HAPI sets off to continue its mission and vision of promoting humanism, championing education, and helping those in dire need. 

For 2024, HAPI welcomed change within the organisation as Angelica Driskell took on the position of Chief Executive Officer. She had already proven herself by spearheading HAPI Junior and various community projects with HAPI National.

“When I first joined HAPI a few years ago, I never imagined I would become CEO. It’s going to be challenging yet exciting to follow in the footsteps of a leader like the former CEO, Javan,” Driskell shared when she learned that she would be HAPI’s new CEO.

She added that she is ready to continue serving humanity and the members of the organisation.


A new group of Board of Trustees (BOT) Officers are also set to take HAPI to a different level through their valuable leadership. Christian Fajutagana has been chosen as the new BOT President, along with Atty. Junald Dionaldo as the new BOT Secretary, and Sherine Dolleton as a new BOT Officer. They are joined by familiar HAPI faces Marissa Torres Langseth, Michael Sherman, Rayd Espeja, and Junelie Velonta. 

Electing new officers for HAPI’s BOT is a meticulous process. HAPI sought officers who could bring new perspectives when evaluating and discussing the projects and policies for 2024. Driskell also emphasised how important it is that the incoming BOT officers are easy to reach and communicate in times when they are needed.

Charles Llaguno, the new HAPI Youth Ambassador.

HAPI Youth also has a new Ambassador, the fresh-faced Charles Llaguno from HAPI-Sorsogon. Their appointment will ensure the sustained improvement of HAPI Youth, one of the organisation’s most important branches.

When asked about the new people in positions in HAPI, Driskell stated that all HAPI leaders and officers are dedicated and hardworking individuals. “They put all their energy and passion into their projects, and this is something we can expect to continue moving forward,” she affirmed.

As HAPI goes full steam on its advocacies this year, it is important to know the minds and individuals who keep the wheels going. New officers guiding the organisation means a brand new outlook that will take the organisation to elevated heights.

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Glemir Sordilla is the HAPI Website’s Associate Editor! A true blue Bacoleña, she also lends her skills to HAPI-Bacolod.

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