Meet Angelica Driskell, HAPI’s New CEO!

In a significant leadership shift, Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) has recently announced Angelica Driskell as its new Chief Executive Officer. Driskell, who has been a dedicated member of HAPI for several years, steps into the role with a vision to continue the organisation’s mission of serving humanity and upholding its values. Her dedication and commitment to HAPI have earned her the prestigious role. Driskell expressed her surprise, excitement, and honour at being chosen for the position while also emphasising her readiness to take on the challenges ahead and to build on the legacy of her predecessor, Javan Poblador.

Angelica “Angie” Driskell, HAPI’s new CEO.

“When I first joined HAPI, I never imagined I would become CEO,” Driskell shared. “It’s going to be challenging yet exciting to follow in the footsteps of a leader like Javan.”

The recent selection of new members in HAPI’s Board of Trustees was driven by the desire for accessibility, commitment, and fresh perspectives. HAPI prioritised candidates who are easily reachable and who embody the mission and vision of the organisation, ensuring they are equipped to navigate the projects and policies for 2024 effectively.

“All of HAPI’s leaders and officers are dedicated and hardworking, Driskell said. “They put all their energy and passion into their projects, and this is something we can expect to continue moving forward.”

Under Driskell’s leadership, HAPI members, volunteers, and the wider community can expect a continuation of the dedication and passion that have characterised the organisation’s projects. She is committed to fostering a positive organisational culture that is supportive and inclusive of all members. Driskell encourages transparency, building trust, and being open to members’ suggestions while ensuring that they also understand HAPI’s guidelines. She believes in the power of listening and understanding to motivate volunteers and members, ensuring that everyone feels valued and heard.

Driskell at the Marikina City Pride March
Driskell with HAPI people at the Metro Manila Pride March (2019), one of her first events with the organisation.

“I see that they work and feel better when they are heard and understood,” Driskell stated, underscoring her commitment to creating a harmonious environment that leads to success.

Looking ahead, Driskell has exciting goals and initiatives planned for HAPI in the coming months! One of her immediate initiatives is HAPI’s participation in the first-ever Philippine Secular Summit on February 17th, marking the organization’s first face-to-face event for “The Humanist Take”. The latter was initially a publication series showcasing the HAPI Scholars‘ humanistic perspectives. Driskell aims to make this a quarterly event that allows small gatherings and open discussions regarding societal issues, emphasising education, information, and humanism for this year’s events and projects.

“I would like to invite more people to attend events held or conducted by HAPI so they can see what we do and what we represent,” Driskell added. It is a thrust that should develop a better and clearer understanding of the organisation’s mission and contribution to society.

Undoubtedly, leading HAPI involves uncertainties and will not be a smooth-sailing journey. Addressing potential challenges and obstacles that may arise during her term, Driskell draws strength and wisdom from her experience with HAPI’s toughest moments. She believes that with calmness and effective communication, no obstacle is insurmountable. Driskell emphasizes working together to find practical and beneficial solutions for everyone involved.

“I have been with HAPI through some of the organisation’s toughest moments and major changes,” she shared. “After seeing firsthand how everyone adjusted and adapted in those moments, I have learned that there are no obstacles that HAPI can’t get through.”

As HAPI embarks on this new chapter under Driskell’s capable hands, the organisation is poised to strengthen its impact and continue its mission of promoting humanism and serving communities across the Philippines and beyond. Her vision, dedication, and leadership style pave the way for a promising era for HAPI and its mission to serve humanity.

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