Founded on December 25, 2013 and launched on the first day of 2014, Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) is a not-for-profit community of progressive secular humanists from all over the world, united with common goals for the greater good of humanity. We work on an international basis but with primary focus in the Philippines as the beneficiary of our services, with a vision of a happy world lifted from ignorance, chaos, and poverty in general.

HAPI is a democratic organization with members from different social sectors aiming to defend each individual’s right to personal and collective freedom, equal treatment and opportunity, safe and healthy living, and a world free from violence and division.

Aiming to be the agent of free secular education for all, irrespective of social status and personal background, we demystify the age-old tale that morality is absent without godly presence through intelligent discussions.

HAPI is SEC-registered and has been functioning as a legal entity in the Philippines since January 2015 with SEC Registration No. 00379 and Tax Identification No. 008-935-196, with chapters all over the Philippines, with Manila,, Bacolod and Cebu being the most active.

The HAPI logo is made up of five humanist symbols, each signifying an important tenet:


The HAPI logo is also our mission and vision, summed up as SHARE:

  • S – Secularism of the state
  • H – Humane treatment, freedom from discrimination and equality of human rights
  • A – Advancement of reason, logic and sciences
  • R – Respect for individuality and the democratic process
  • E – Environmental humanism
Placed around a center point, the humanist symbols denote that we are not contained by a belief system. We are free and dynamic, interconnected and free flowing. In spite of diversity and differences on certain aspects, we agree to work on our common goals for the greater good of humanity.
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