Our Mission is to promote humanism in the Philippines through both words and deeds.

Using science and education, we aim to show the Filipino people that human thinking and action, rather than divine intervention, hold the key to solving the world’s problems. To that end, we will continue to ensure the Separation of Church and State as we look to end religious privilege in the Philippines.

Driven by natural compassion, we will extend our hand to any Filipino in need of aid. Along with our international affiliates, we will put boots on the ground to provide them with relief, care, and a selfless kind of love.

In line with all of the above, HAPI also seeks:

  • To work in harmony with any institution (religious or non-religious) for the betterment of humanity.
  • To engage in peaceful discussions and dialogue involving equal rights for all human beings.
  • To break the stigma against non-religious Filipinos who make up a sizable chunk of the population.
  • To help those in need – regardless of their religion, non-belief, or political ideology.
  • To promote science, logic, and rational empathy as guiding lights towards humanity’s advancement.
  • To promote environmental awareness as a matter of survival and preservation for the next generations of humans.
  • To openly question and expose the inequalities of religious and political ideology that continue to needlessly divide mankind.
  • To work to abolish societal prejudices in a bid to unite humanity.
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