HAPI Central Luzon Starts to Rebuild Amidst COVID19

Posted by Claris Quezon | Posted on May 14, 2020

HAPI Central Luzon Starts to Rebuild Amidst COVID19

Written by Claris Quezon
May 14, 2020
San Fernando, Pampanga

the land provides life

Community quarantine have given our community so little maneuvering but at some point we have to rebuild and come up with a solution to face the new normal until the vaccine is available in the market. Hopefully when it does become available it shall be affordable for all. In the meantime as there is no known cure to COVID19 virus, safety practices and best precautionary actions must be maintained if we want to live with dignity. Our members cannot even afford to travel to seek medical help what more if we contacted the disease?

Our plan is to ensure that the future is secured for our children.

Government assistance is non-existent in some part of the region but we have to do what we do best and that is being resilient in all types of adversity.

We source out our supplies where ever we can.

There is uncertainty but we cannot just let this situation hinder us from surviving. We have to start to rebuild and look for ways to support ourselves. The effect of COVID19 economically is already a sure fire to cripple and widen the divide between the poor and the rich, but that is a political view. Ours, is simple, how do we move forward and be sustainable at this time.

Discussing how best to divide the work and supplies the communal way of thinking.

My HAPI Central Luzon brethren are like my high school track team, as a team captain I must consult and strategize with my teammates how to win against an unseen opponent where we must be calculative as not to lose.
Our social enterprise strategy cannot function for at least a year for which our community of 49 Humanist Day Care Student, 130 Aeta Care Recipients Families, 22 Bahay Pangarap Adoptees, 3 moms whose jobs is to help out for selling our products during events, 2 collegiate indigent student, and 6 special IP scholars are heavily dependent upon.

We need each other to survive, we must rebuild our social enterprises.

Just like the rest of the world we are wary of the days ahead but we are not afraid to face it for fear are only for cowards. We intend to utilize all our skills so we can survive.

Hardworking Mothers are the best support system for any successful project implementation.

We have capacitated our farmers with vegetable seeds and are still sourcing some fertilizers with insect repellants so we can at least be sure of some harvest. We are hoping though that no pest shall bother us. In the meantime, my city teammates are thinking how to help themselves through the use of social media and the internet. We have capacitated them with portable internet and basic mobile phones so we can utilize the technology to our advantage.

One of the pillars of disaster management is capacity building, this is one of them for our community.

Our strategy is a work in progress. Hopefully, our plan will take off without any hitches. Our back up food supply is calculated to last until the enhanced community quarantine is lifted, hopefully with General Community Quarantine we will able to move freely to look for other possible alternative for our source of sustenance.

HAPI Central Luzon is taking a slow stride to survive, we are cautious as it seems EMPATHY and HUMANITY are being drained faster in the last few days. It is now being apparent that most likely, this year is a rat race where the strong survive.

Rebuilding is like climbing a tree, it is hard but we will reach the fruit, eventually 🙂

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