HAPI Scholars’ Official Statement on Islamic Extremism in France

Posted by Javan Poblador | Posted on November 1, 2020

HAPI Scholars’ Official Statement on Islamic Extremism in France


islamic extremism in france

We, young humanists from the Philippines, join the international community in expressing our indignation towards the archaic and cruel acts of Islamic extremism in France.

We denounce, in the strongest possible terms, the increasing cases of horrific murders and other horrendous acts of Islamic extremists that aim to tear down the country’s secular system and subject non-believers to violence and intimidation. It is crystal clear that the acts of the perpetrators are intended to stifle the country’s freedom of speech and expression.

On October 16, a teacher named Samuel Paty was decapitated after showing his class on freedom of expression a Charlie Hebdo satirical cartoon that shows the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. He was beheaded for doing his job—teaching.

On the 29th of the same month, a Tunisian man holding a knife shouted “Allahu Akbar” or “God is greatest” before beheading a woman and two others in a church in Nice, France.

We have progressed as a civilization of reason, logic, and diplomacy. May we not step back to our dark past—twisted by brutal and radical violence.

The day after, an Orthodox priest has been seriously wounded after he was shot while closing the church in the French city of Lyon.

We condemn these terroristic acts of violence and we urge the perpetrators to know and consider that nothing good and “kind” will ever come out of such a barbaric killing spree. We want to remind them that the only way to settle disputes like this is through deliberative, civil, and diplomatic discussions and not through coercive, or even murderous means. We stand with the secular values of France which are now under attack. These values that have been enshrined in their constitution should be upheld, protected, and defended if necessary.

We also urge governments to deal with this matter with the utmost respect for human rights and the dignity of every person.

We have progressed as a civilization of reason, logic, and diplomacy. May we not step back to our dark past—twisted by brutal and radical violence.

We believe that no one should be beheaded, stabbed to death, and shot for their beliefs or lack thereof. No one, in a civilized society, deserves that. No person in a civilized society should do that.

We also call on fellow humanists, to stand in defense of France’s battle in defending its secular values, freedom of speech, and freedom of and from religion.


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