HAPI Covid19 Relief for Scholars

Posted by Claris Quezon | Posted on April 5, 2020

HAPI Covid19 Relief for Scholars
Written by Claris Quezon
April 5, 2020
Angeles City, Pampanga

HAPI supports all HUMANITARIAN AIDS in all chapters. We, at HAPI Central Luzon support sectors specifically for women (single mothers and females who are victims of violence) empowering themselves and Indigenous People of the Philippines (Aeta’s, Kankane-ey, Ibaloi) for growth and advancement. COVID19 should not hamper our advocacy to extend support to our project and programs. There are only instances when we are left to be creative on how to implement our programs.

scorching sun with the heat of the lahar equals sunny HAPI smile

Given the Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine effective March 15, 2019 to April 14, 2019 our HAPI community coordinators had to plan ahead before the quarantine was to be implemented.

planning with the children is a lot harder than it looks

Being a Disaster Management Professional together with our community coordinator, our chapter created a Continuity Plan with regards to food stocks and communication.

the stockpile

As early as March 7, 2019 our Haduan Humanist Day Care Center/Reading Room were stocked with 10kls of rice, 2 Pancit Canton and 2 sardines for each of our 49 chosen scholar recipients and 3 (25kls) sacks of rice for community sharing just in case.

for scholars stock pile

We were aware that the lock down may last longer than we have anticipated but knowing that the community sustain themselves from root crops and fruit cultivation, and my favorite beans, somehow I know they will have something for the quarantine.

our superfood in a pod

Our community coordinator would keep me up to date as to the level of our stocks, and they have to let me know if ever an assistance is needed. The community location is a lot farther than other communities and several quarantine checks have to be breached in cases they will need an assistance.

16kms of lahar with wild weeds, a place to be HAPI

A restocking of basic commodities was scheduled on April 3, 2020 to augment those that our care recipient needs such as Infant formula, diapers, 5kls of rice, 5 canned goods and 3 biscuits.

specially for kids
for the HAPI scholars

Given the severity of the COVID19, our plan was never to endanger the community as they are very susceptible to viral infections. So just to be on the safe side, it was our plan, that instead of me trekking to the mountain, our community coordinator can come and meet me at the nearest drop off area with RAKI, our motorcycle for easy transport of the relief goods.

the transporter

Lahar and river hot bed was harder than we thought so we ended up doing our plan B meaning I have to beg just so I can enter and pass certain areas that is beyond my travel pass as it is owned by private corporations. I really won’t mind dragging those commodities just in case, my end goal was just to reach the drop off area.

Plan B is now in play

Pandemic have made the community apprehensive. The trust of the community to HAPI Central Luzon was made stronger as we have shown time and again, that we can persevere and we are resilient to deliver the HAPI brand of HUMANISM.

watching the others for our HAPI delivery

We never made excuses, we just do what we have to. We are HAPI serving HUMANITY.

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