HAPI-Sorsogon Completes Chapter Development Workshop

Posted by Contributor | Posted on December 27, 2022

HAPI-Sorsogon Completes Chapter Development Workshop

By Shawn Evans Quiming
HAPI Scholar
Sean Cross proudly supporting the members of HAPI-Sorsogon.

HAPI-Sorsogon completed its Chapter Development training with HAPI CFO, Mutya Valenzuela, and HAPI Corporate Secretary, Sean Cross, on December 16–18, 2022. The Sorsogon chapter’s formation and development were the topics of conversation among the members and volunteers. In preparation for HAPI’s General Assembly and tenth anniversary in late 2023, the organization hopes to strengthen its recruiting approach.

Since its founding in 2013, Humanist Alliance Philippines, International has become one of the leading humanist groups in Asia. Nevertheless, Philippine secularists have faced an uphill battle in their efforts to organize. In order to achieve a new, more cohesive vision, the HAPI leadership has unanimously resolved to redesign the organization’s structure. 

The Chapter Development workshop tackled these topics: new branding guidelines, a more fortified future for the chapter and the organization, and a SWOT analysis of the chapter. A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning and management technique used to help a person or organization identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to project planning – in this case, the chapter’s wellbeing. The HAPI structure, the membership fees, and the code of conduct for members and volunteers were also part of the discussion, 

“Visiting the HAPI Sorsogon chapter is an adventure and a learning experience for me,” Valenzuela said. “It’s an opportunity to learn how they work and manage the chapter so well despite their age and busy schedule at school.”

In addition to discussing chapter development in Sorsogon, HAPI-Bacolod also discussed and addressed the organization’s future objectives and strategies on both the local and national levels last May 24, 2022.

These internal events aim to further improve and enhance the organization by providing a better environment for everyone. The chapter advanced considerably as a result of this event. It was clear from how the officers’ inquiries were addressed, how they identified the advantages and strengths of their chapter, and how their suggestions were acknowledged that progress was achieved. Such workshops not only raise the spirits of each chapter but also show what the organization needs as a whole.

The organization would like to extend its utmost gratitude to everyone who made this event successful, especially the grant program of Humanists International.

“With the grant from Humanists International, we have the chance to experience everything,” Valenzuela ended.

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