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Posted by Shane | Posted on April 11, 2021

HAPI Zambales’ Bread Giving: Wave 4


To celebrate the birthday of our dear friend and generous sponsor, Christopher L. Geake, we’ll be donating 1,000 bread rolls (166 packs) to the patients and medical staff of San Marcelino District Hospital in Zambales. 

HAPI Jr. Springtime in Bulacan 


This event will be the first official HAPI Jr. event for the HAPI-Bulacan chapter! It is still considered part of the ‘Health is Wealth’ series, but we will be following a ‘Spring Time’ theme for the month of April. 

We will be coordinating with the mothers who registered their children for HAPI Jr. The mothers will be asked to come to the HAPI Headquarters to get the vegetables and vitamins for their children. They will be given instructions that they will discuss with their children at home, as well as document their children making the dish that is indicated in the instructions which they will then photograph and forward to us!

They will also document the progress of the plants that the children are growing. We must first do it this way as we still have to follow safety protocols and social distancing. It is our goal to encourage the children to try and grow at least one plant at home to keep them busy and grow something that they can use later on, preferably a vegetable. 

HAPI – Green Movement


HAPI-Sorsogon will be having an environmental education film screening and tree planting event at Salvacion Castilla, Sorsogon on the 24th. 

“Saving the earth and humanity, one tree at a time.”

PLHIVs Seminar and Fellowship: Creating a “Positive” Mindset During the COVID Pandemic



From HAPI-Zambales Lead Convenor Van Catayong:

“We came up with starting a project that aims to help PLHIVs (persons living with HIV) near our locality. Being a gay person myself, I understand the struggles that our fellow blood brothers are facing. I also have friends who are living with HIV and a few of them have died already. I happen to be friends with the HIV Hub head in Olongapo City, Mr. Archimedes Domdoma, Jr and during our chat last week, we discussed our plans for the community. The initial plan is to create an emotional support group for PLHIVs by gathering (+) individuals who can possibly help people struggling with their diagnosis.

Archie said that the patients’ treatment and medical care are adequately provided by the hub. But there are more challenges a PLHIV faces. Social stigma, discrimination from family/ friends, difficulty in finding a job are just a few of their day-to-day struggles. And since the COVID pandemic started, they are facing lots of hardships, not only for their own physical wellness but their mental/spiritual aspect as well. This project aims to help the participants unburden some of the weight that they are emotionally carrying, destress their minds, help them relax, and refocus their lives.

HAPI Jr. Springtime in Delarma 


The HAPI Jr. Health is Wealth Initiative was designed to be a series of events in various locations around Metro Manila. The goal is to not only provide food items for children so they eat healthier, but also remind them to maintain proper hygiene as a method to fight COVID-19.

With a little coordination and a lot of cooperation on the part of the parents and children, everyone was instructed to stay home and the children were not allowed to leave their designated areas. Masks were also a must; no mask, no HAPI packages!

Istorya Klima




In order to join in solidarity with the international initiative for the dialogue on climate solutions, Youth for Climate Hope together with HAPI-Bacolod, Linghod, YEY!, Sangguniang Kabataan Villamonte, Siliman SUSG, and PRRM Negros intends to increase the awareness and urgency to come up with climate solutions in the locality especially in the Province of Negros by joining the online webinar “Solve Climate by 2030” facilitated by UPOU and conduct its own local discussion on climate solutions.

Pangalabuhian Indi Mina



Environmental groups raised concerns over the said project since the above-mentioned companies that will implement the “dredging and desilting” project have the reputation of being mining companies. Moreover, there is a discrepancy between it being called a dredging project when the companies will not be paid by the government for their operation, however, they will be the ones to pay the government for the materials that they will get from their operations. 

HAPI  Jr. Springtime in Manila and Caloocan


The HAPI Jr. Health is Wealth Initiative was designed to be a series of events in various locations around the metro. The goal is to not only provide food items for children so they eat healthier, but also remind them to maintain proper hygiene as a method to fight COVID-19.

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