A New Financial Team at HAPI

Posted by Marissa Langseth | Posted on November 30, 2020
Greetings from New York  USA! May I present to you a very HAPI announcement:
Please be informed that HAPI has a  new financial team starting December 2020, in celebration of our 7th HAPI anniversary, and to start anew for our 8th year.
Ms. Maria Juana Valenzuela will be the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO),  while Ms.  Angie Driskell is the new Auditor. These duo have been very active and showed accountability, with the utmost respect to our mission and vision.
aka Mutya (left) is my long time FB friend since 2011. A very humble, and kind human with a very huge heart. Reyna Mo (right) joined HAPI with a bang. She is an organized multi-tasker with a cause.
Please contact them if you have no PayPal account, for better accountability and transparency.
This new team will also be in charge of checks and balances with HAPI finances and will lead in approving proposals, depending on their merits, in collaboration with the BOT for better money management.
We also have a new, better,  and bigger HAPI HQ in suburbia of Metro Manila at:
078A Looban Street, Pinagbakahan, Malolos City
Bulacan- 3000
And to cap things off, I am now a DUAL CITIZEN!
I have reacquired my Filipino citizenship so that I can vote in the Philippines and the USA, and be more active in HAPI.
Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity to serve humanity, with your generous help.
Kind regards,
Marissa Torres Langseth, RN, MSN,  ANP (retired)
HAPI Founder
HAPI Chairperson Emeritus
HAPI Liaison Officer
HAPI Chief Mission Officer
HAPI Scholars’ Founder and  Philanthropist

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