Update : HAPI Volunteers and Officers

Posted by Marissa Langseth | Posted on May 18, 2019

Update : HAPI Volunteers and Officers

Since September 2017, we have gathered  the best humanists in the Philippines, right after the “law of natural selection”  took place, here is the update of HAPI volunteers and officers. But, of course, we constantly weed out those who are lukewarm and less dedicated to HAPI.

Some were just lurking and observing before, but, the  golden opportunity gave way to more projects and more active participation from people whom we never know would carry weight in all our humanist community outreach.

We sincerely thank all donors and sponsors. Your donation is at work. Send them to donate@hapihumaist.org  or click the yellow donate button on the right side of this page.

I promised to spend my life with HAPI and humanity, since I came back in September, 2017.

It is just right and prudent to take care the society that I founded,  which makes me truly happy and HAPI.  I no longer worry when I travel the world. What else can I ask for? Aptly put, I love what is happening inside HAPI. It is my quiet celebration for my birthday, actually.

Without much bragging, we are truly creating splashes now. Kudos to all HAPI officers and volunteers.

Here is the list for your reading pleasure:

Marissa Torres Langseth, RN, MSN, ANP (Retired)

Chair Emeritus/ Founder/ Chief Mission Officer

Michael Sherman, AICP, Urban Planner

Alvin John Ballares
Executive Director / Philippine Affiliation Officer

Edwin Bulaclac Jr
Chief Finance Officer/ Local Fundraiser

Claris Quezon
Executive Secretary/ IP Educator

Kliene Agbayani, Certified Public Accountant

HAPI Auditor

Atty . Manuel Felicia, BOT

HAPI Legal Adviser
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
HAPI Chapters
(1) HAPI Metro Manila
Lead: Janice Buenaventura
Asst Lead: Kleng Agbayani
Active Program
Basic FSL – with Disney Aguila and Jay Maisel Lardizabal
Laughter Yoga (Mental Health) – with Kates Ante
HAPI Green Movement (Environmentalism)
(a) HAPI Kids – Alabang
Head: Jamie Del Rosario Martinez
Asst Head: Jhing Dedicatoria
Active Program
HAPI Nutrition Camp

(b) HAPI Pride/LGBT group

Chief/ Lead Convener: PJ Baya
Adviser : Dwengster Bulaclac
Asst Head: Kleng Agbayani
Active Program:
SOGIE 101 – with Side B Philippines and LGBT Pilipinas
HIV/AIDS – in cooperation with LGBTBUS Phil with Regie Pasion

c) HAPI-Junior MM – Angie Driskell and kids

(2) HAPI Bacolod
Bryanito Pigilito – ARK Founder and Webmaster
Active Program:
HAPI Homes c/o Art Alvarez
ARK projects Founded by Bryanito Pigilito
HAPI Jr – Bacolod

Rayd Espeja -Adviser
Ceejay Deriada Pastrana
Lead: Honeybunch Lemonade Sabete
Journalist Glemir Röyale

(3) HAPI Cebu
Lead: Alain Sayson Presillas
Asst: Arlene Esdrelon
Active Program:

HAPI-PWD : Agustina Torres and Mira Paslon

(4) HAPI Dumaguete
Javan Lev Poblador
Jon Nichole T. Lapac

(5) HAPI Leyte
Butch Donayre Yu
Margaretha Zelle

Johnny L. Denden
Alain Roy Romero

Event Planner : Joseph Lagumbay

(7) HAPI Iligan -Northern Mindanao
Clarence Ruelos

(8) HAPI Iloilo
John Piermont Montilla
Alfred Sansait

(9) HAPI-Surigao – Nards Go

(10) HAPI Central Luzon
Lead: Filipinas del Valle
Asst: Maria Juana Vaenzuela
Active Program:
Mt. Haduan Literacy Project

HAPI -Farm in Haduan

(11) HAPI International Community
Mark Richardson – HAPI- Green Movement
Michael Sherman – International Fund Raiser
Marissa Torres Langseth – International Affiliation Officer/CMO

(12) HAPI Youth – to represent in HI-Youth
Lead: Javan Poblador

13) HAPI Scholars :

Glemir Röyale, Honeybunch Lemonade Sabete -Bacolod

Lhoy Martinez, Mj Martinez Carapatan – Metro Manila

NEW chapters:

( 14) HAPI-Barili (in Cebu) – Mary Cris Aleguen

HAPI-Baguio ( will reinvigorate)

HAPI-Bicol still brewing

HAPI-Cavite – brewing with Zandro Zamora at Brookfield College

You tube Project- Sherwin Dane Zauro Haro

Other good reads...


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HAPI Junior battles plastics at ‘1 Baybay At A Time’

HAPI Junior does a coastal cleans-up in Bacolod

Plastic pollution has been a problem all over the world. We widely use plastics because of its convenience and affordability. Non-biodegradable, plastic products are aplenty on streets and unfortunately in natural waters, putting our marine ecosystem at great risk.   HAPI Junior, the youth affairs arm of Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) originating in Bacolod […]

HAPI Kids honor volunteers

Teen and adult volunteers of the monthly Kids Nutrition Campaign and SHADE (Secular Humanist Advocacy, Development & Education) were honored by children beneficiaries of Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) through a recognition program on February 13, 2018, at Villa Ortaliza Private Resort in Laguna. The daytime excursion was organized by Jamie Del Rosario-Martinez, HAPI Executive […]

A HAPI Volunteer Recognition Day

Today, May 2nd,  the HAPI volunteers took a break and enjoyed a day of lavish food and swimming at Villa Ortaleza Resort, Calamba, Philippines. It is our pleasure to share our happiness to these volunteers who painstakingly and judiciously feed our kids, besides  share their compassion and knowledge. Volunteering develops their sense of responsibility,  camaraderie […]

Benguet Volunteer, The HAPI Way

The invitation to represent HAPI and partake in an organized trip to interview and award the sponsorships of student fund for school year 2019 to 2020 by the aloha.org  was such a delight as I wanted to know more about the people from ground zero of the last Ompong (Manghut) disaster. Itogon, Benguet have always […]

Superheroes and Religion

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