HAPI-Green Promotes World Water Day with Coastal Cleanup

World Water Day is a global event celebrated on March 22 every year, providing people with an opportunity to address water-related challenges and advocate for sustainable freshwater management. In connection with Women’s Month, it is important to highlight the role that women play in the preservation and protection of our water resources. On March 16, 2024, I cleaned up a part of the coast in Ilijan, Batangas City, to celebrate the event in advance.

The coastal cleanup event took place in Ilijan, Batangas City on March 16, 2024, at 5 PM. The purpose of the event was to collect garbage from the coastal area, and it was attended by me, HAPI Green Ambassador. The event aimed to achieve two primary objectives: safeguarding marine habitats and reducing pollution while preserving water quality. These objectives align perfectly with the themes of World Water Day and Women’s Month, as they emphasise the importance of sustainable management of water resources and the active involvement of women in environmental conservation.

One of the key objectives of the coastal cleanup event was to protect the habitats of marine organisms and wildlife. Coastal ecosystems are home to a diverse range of species and are critical for maintaining biodiversity. By removing visible litter and debris from the coastline, I aimed to minimise any harm or disruption to these fragile ecosystems. Another personal goal of mine during the coastal cleanup was to make my hometown clean. I have always had a deep connection with my community and a sense of responsibility towards its welfare. This objective not only contributes to the preservation of our coastal environments but also aligns with the principles of humanism, which advocate for the well-being of all living beings.

As we celebrate World Water Day and Women’s Month, it is essential to recognise the invaluable contributions of women in environmental conservation. Women have played a prominent role in raising awareness about water-related issues and advocating for sustainable water management, like Anna Oposa of Save Philippine Seas, and Leni Robredo of the Angat Buhay Program. They have been actively involved in community initiatives, promoting the protection of water resources and environmental sustainability through their NGOs.

The event itself exemplified the spirit of Women’s Month as it demonstrated the dedication of individuals, including myself (a woman), united in their commitment to environmental conservation. Though I was the only participant in the event, it highlighted the power of individual action and the importance of inclusive participation in achieving meaningful progress in the preservation and protection of our water resources.

About the Author

Diosa Aguila-Aguirre

Diosa Aguila-Aguirre is an educator, earth-lover, and the HAPI-Green Ambassador.

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