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As we all know, not everyone has the financial wherewithal to purchase textbooks or even novels. Many people would like to read and learn utilising various resources, yet they have limited access. This is why on April 6, 2023, HAPI National and volunteer AJ Zalameda administered a book drive across all HAPI headquarters, with a total of 150 books that were handed out.

A book drive gathers new or gently used children’s books, which are then delivered to families and individuals who do not own books. One of the biggest benefits of a neighbourhood book drive is that it stimulates reading throughout the community, which may also act as a spark for insightful dialogues.

“[This project] started out as a school assignment. We were asked to do something during the Holy Week with our communities,” Zalameda shared. Because the majority of her schoolmates were from religious communities, she felt it was more appropriate to do something for people who needed some assistance with their supplemental reading as books are pricey.

“I want to prove to my classmates that just because it is a religion class and the topic is community, it doesn’t mean that the only answer is the church and the only activities you can do are in that limited circle. There are too many people around us who need it more.”

After participants chose their books, everyone was given pechay (Chinese cabbage) to take home for lunch. These green leafy vegetables were grown by a local farmer named Mr. Tonio Centen who lives alone and grows pechay on borrowed land to earn money. Mr. Centen does not always have land to borrow but when the opportunity arrives, he grows and sells his produce to those who live in the nearby area. He is a perfect example of why it is so important to show kindness to your community and individuals who work hard for a living.

This event demonstrates that activities are not confined to a circle, but to many individuals who need it the most, as kindness is described as the attribute of being nice, generous, and caring to others. This event was made possible by GO Humanity‘s food security initiative, for which HAPI is eternally grateful.

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