Experience Breeds Potential.

Posted by Contributor | Posted on January 12, 2023

Experience Breeds Potential

By Johnny Denden
HAPI-CDO Lead Convenor

“You never know what people are going through because each person you meet has a story to tell. So instead of being judgmental, just listen well.”
– Charmaine J. Forde

Society is a combination of people with different capabilities and personalities. Everybody has a different way of looking at the world, but what happens in a world where no one wants you to be wrong? When you reach adulthood, people expect you to never be wrong and to follow every instruction. These beliefs were largely passed down to us by our forebears and don’t necessarily have to be followed at all times. They lived in a time so different from ours that they would not even recognize the world right now.

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There are thousands of expectations that set the standard for how we live today. These standards forbid us from making mistakes. We talk about success, but we forget to talk about why we need it or how important it is to be wrong sometimes on this subject. For me, getting it wrong will get you to the other side of that puzzle; getting it wrong will alarm you not to do that again and again, which will lead to a better understanding of how the world works and will make you correct your actions because of your experience. There’s no right and wrong. These were just made to remind people to bow and be pointed by those with gun-like fingers of the world.

We talk about success, but we forget to talk about why we need it or how important it is to be wrong sometimes on this subject.

Oftentimes, hopes are slowly killed to the point where people consider suicide. One of the causes of this, I believe, is that we are tired of hearing and dealing with insensitive comments and corrections that complicate everything. We are used to shrugging it off and not taking it seriously – but as time goes on, it becomes clear that when we don’t understand how these things can affect us. Eventually, it gets worse, becoming a disease, and we have no idea how deep it goes. Our history has been written since the supernova that created our world eons ago, all we have to do now is pretend we’re a billion years old and imagine all the possibilities that await us so that we discover our potential to protect our very tired mind from the world.

All of these negative thoughts make us afraid to move around and help in our community. As simple as, making friends or doing anything else a functioning person in their community would do makes us nervous.

To everyone out there who is being judged every day because they got it wrong, don’t let them make you bow to them. Show them that you can do things that they cannot imagine. You have the power to change the world, but all I have to say is that we can’t be like them. Just follow what you think is right without hurting anyone. All of these heinous experiences should not have occurred because we should have known better but we can use this to learn and move forward.

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