Two HAPI Leaders Join the ClimateEducate Project

Posted by Contributor | Posted on April 30, 2023

Humanist Alliance Philippines International (HAPI) is proud to report that two of its members, Javan Lev Poblador and Diosa Marie Aguila-Aguirre, have taken on new responsibilities as part of ClimateEducate. As humanists, they are dedicated to promoting the welfare and well-being of humanity and the environment, and they see climate change as a pressing issue that requires immediate attention and action.

Javan, HAPI’s Chief Executive Officer, will play a key role in the project as the Deputy Director for Design & Creatives. He will play a key role by supporting and assisting the director in developing effective communication strategies and designing engaging educational materials that promote sustainable practices and raise awareness about climate change.

Diosa, HAPI Green Ambassador, will serve as the Deputy Director for Social Media & Web Management in the ClimateEducate Project, and will support and assist the director in efforts to develop and execute a comprehensive social media strategy that will reach a wide audience and connect with people around the world, encouraging them to take action on climate change.

ClimatEducate is an environmental education project of the Alpha Team Organization-ATO, a Philippines-based international youth organization seeking youth involvement in social activism.

Both Javan and Diosa bring a wealth of experience and expertise to ClimateEducate, and HAPI is proud to have members who are passionate about taking action on climate change. HAPI supports their efforts and recognizes the importance of promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about climate change as part of our commitment to humanism.

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