HAPI Bacolod Joins Relief Ops for Flood Victims in Negros Occidental

Posted by Shane | Posted on January 30, 2021

By Glemir Sordilla
HAPI Scholar / HAPI Bacolod Member

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Heavy rainfall that lasted for days in Negros Occidental this past January resulted in destructive floods, deforestation, and the disruption of various infrastructure projects in the province, with cities such as Victorias and Silay being affected the most.

With affected Negrosanons immediately needing help and aid, the Negrosanon Young Leaders Association, Inc. (NYLI) swiftly rose to the occasion, launching a drive for cash and in-kind donations called #TatapNegrosanon. Upon seeing NYLI’s response and groundwork, HAPI Bacolod partnered with the organization for a more unified and centralized relief operation for the victims of the recent floods.

In total, HAPI Bacolod gathered a sum of Php 9,454 in monetary aid. In a Facebook post, members of HAPI Bacolod extended their warmest gratitude to the people and organizations that put forth their help through cash donations and some in-kind ones. They also informed their donors that the said amount was already rendered to NYLI and was used to utilize purchasing the basic needs of their fellow Negrosanons.

Since manpower and volunteers were also needed, HAPI Bacolod members lengthened their support and aid by volunteering to repack the donation goods and sorting clothes.

At the moment, updates on the continuous progress and the on-going relief operations are being posted on HAPI Bacolod’s Facebook page as well as NYLI’s.

Just like NYLI’s statement, “the youth can and the youth will,” this goes to show how the young people are passionate and empowered in times like these, where help and generosity is desperately needed. Since hard downpours are still occurring in Negros Occidental, these floods will not cease until the phenomenon is treated as a climate crisis and is finally taken seriously by the Philippine government. At the moment, the youth of Negros will continue to call for Climate Emergency while helping their fellow Negrosanons.

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