HAPI-Bulacan’s Year-End Celebration for 2022!

Posted by Contributor | Posted on January 12, 2023

HAPI-Bulacan’s Year-End Celebration for 2022!

By Glemir Sordilla
Associate Editor

“Truly accountable leadership is the only way to build an organization”
– Vince Molinaro

HAPI-Bulacan has been one of HAPI’s most impressive chapters in 2022. From educational events, a blooming community garden, and fun-filled activities, the HAPI people of Bulacan are always ready to take on the challenge.

The chapter held a year-end meeting that also served as their chapter development workshop last December 30, 2022. The gathering, facilitated by Mutya Valenzuela, HAPI CFO, was attended by 25 members of the chapter. They collectively brainstormed about fundraising activities so that asking for funds from HAPI National could be put off the table. They agreed on getting half of the amount needed to pay for their HAPI membership fee from their chapter funds.

Aside from that, everyone also considered a sustainable project for the future that will help their community and the daily lives of the locals. As the chapter also has educational programs lined up in 2023, proper parental consent was asked from the kids’ parents for these activities to commence.

“Nothing has changed since the first day they joined HAPI. You can see the excitement and joy in their eyes,” Valenzuela observed while handling the participants.

The event was also an opportunity for HAPI-Bulacan to elect its new officer for 2023. Susan Santos was named the new Lead Convenor while the Assistant Lead Convenor position went to Jasmine Chavez. Two Secretaries were also elected, namely Ma. Rita Adriano and Carol Aguilar as well as a Treasurer, Arlene Torralba.

Valenzuela shared what this experience means for her as their former Lead Convenor, “ I believe that I taught them enough on how to run the chapter properly. I also believe in their talent and compassion towards our advocacies so even if they falter they just have to look back and remember why they started.”

This activity is an example that HAPI Chapters always strive for improvement and with genuine people. Events like these allowed the members to revisit humanism and focus on the organization’s mission and vision.

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