Teen and adult volunteers of the monthly Kids Nutrition Campaign and SHADE (Secular Humanist Advocacy, Development & Education) were honored by children beneficiaries of Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) through a recognition program on February 13, 2018, at Villa Ortaliza Private Resort in Laguna. The daytime excursion was organized by Jamie Del Rosario-Martinez, HAPI Executive Secretary and Kids Nutrition Campaign Project Manager alongside parent volunteers of our foster community on Ilaya Street in Muntinlupa City. Also in attendance was McJarwin Cayacap, HAPI National Events Officer-in-Charge, and Web Content Editor.

Laughter filled the private resort as children beneficiaries and their dedicated volunteers soaked and played in the pool together all-day. A little rain did not even stop them from having much fun on their very special day. Trophies and medals donated by Muntinlupa City Mayor Jaime Dela Rosa Fresnedi, and certificates of recognition by HAPI were awarded to the outstanding volunteers of 2017.

“Nang tinanong namin ang volunteers kung ano ang gusto nilang kainin sa
espesyal nilang araw, wala silang request. Basta raw may swimming pool at
sama-sama ay masaya na sila.” (When we asked the volunteers what meals they
would like served on their special day, they did not request any. They were just
happy enough to know that there will be a pool and a whole day to play with their
peers.) , said Jamie who has seen many of the volunteers grow from being children
beneficiaries to teen volunteers now.

Although the day was dedicated to the volunteers’ enjoyment and leisure, the meals served did not deviate from the kind of nourishment that our Kids Nutrition Campaign always takes into consideration. Stuffed and grilled tilapia, stir-fried tofu and vegetables in oyster sauce, and eggplant fritters alongside some salad and fruits filled the luncheon table at the delight of everyone. Indeed, it was a very touching sight to see all come to the table to have a share of the much-deserved feast.

“Masama po ang pakiramdam ko kahapon pa kaya nagsabi ako sa manager ko na
hindi ako makakapasok ngayon, pero nang nalaman ko na may recognition day,
hindi ko po magawang magpahinga kasi alam ko magiging masaya ako kapag
sasama ako.(I have been feeling unwell since yesterday so I told my manager
that I would skip work today, but when I learned about the recognition day, I
could not help but join my peers as I know it would be so much fun.), said Michael
John Dolleton, a part-time student and fast food staffer, and one of the volunteer

Volunteers are the blood of every non-profit organization. At HAPI, we value volunteers as our own family. We listen to them and support their efforts. Working with the Muntinlupa City-based volunteers have always been a pleasure worth telling. In spite their personal circumstances, they never failed to lend a helping hand to their peers and to the causes of HAPI. Truly, they are our partners for change and advocates of goodness and happiness. Humanism at its best it is.

McJarwin Cayacap

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