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Posted by Marissa Langseth | Posted on September 21, 2021

HAPI Old School Program made possible by Sorsogon Chapter.

The aim to empower children was made possible through the success of HAPI Sorsogon Chapter’s Project- HAPI Old School Program. It was done on the fourth, ninth and eighteenth day of July pursuing the projects’ objective of teaching children with old school skills.

Given the different dates of the activity, the participants were able to learn different old fashioned skills, that will indeed help them cope up during uncertain times. With a total number of 15 as children  participants,  and with the guidance of HAPI officers, different skills were learned and afterwards executed. Bread making, basic cooking, gardening and pickles making are the activities that molded not just the kids” skills, but also their view in this modern world of convenience and instant gratification. The Covid pandemic did not deter our events.

“I am very hyped by the activities that I have never done before like the making of bread,  which I thought, is very hard and the idea of the seeds I planted finally sprouting and growing” this is according to Savannah, an 8-year- old HAPI kid participant. “It was an awesome experience that I will surely put into use” says Kick, 12 years old .

With almost one month duration of the project,  it was finally called a success after the last part of it where the awarding and giving of tokens of appreciation were given to the bright participants for a fruitful and empowering project.

This is just one of the many projects we do to spread humanism and self sufficiency to the younger generation.

Many thanks to our regular HAPI sponsors and donors.

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