No Child Left Behind: An Act of Humanism

Posted by Contributor | Posted on July 3, 2022

No Child Left Behind: An Act of Humanism

By Glemir P. Sordilla
HAPI-Bacolod Member / HAPI Scholar


“Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism” – Charles Francis Potter

It was with great excitement that representatives from HAPI National headed to Bacolod for a Chapter Development Training that aimed to enhance HAPI-Bacolod’s resources and knowledge. To everyone’s delight, their first meeting consisted of community involvement, one of the core purposes of HAPI.

HAPI Jr. Ambassador and HAPI National Representative, Angie Driskell, together with HAPI-Bacolod Lead Convenor, Eldemar Sabete, visited Escalante City to meet with children who have the eagerness and drive to participate in future activities. One of these programs, art appreciation, helped stimulate the kids’ imagination. Health and safety seminars were also a part of the program, allowing the kids to value their surroundings and themselves. Lastly came the introduction of basic human rights where the children learned the importance of standing up for themselves. 

The participants flocked to the small venue in Brgy. Poblacion with their parents and were assisted by thrilled volunteers from HAPI-Bacolod. After the enlightening talk with the children, each of the 55 attendees received face masks, school supply kits, and oral hygiene kits for their basic necessities. Afterward, they were given delicious and nutritious snacks before they headed home.

“It is crucial for HAPI-Bacolod to [remain] a volunteer in groundwork and community involvements like this. You need to be on the ground to understand [and] see the community that you are helping,” Sabete responded when asked how HAPI-Bacolod values community involvement.

This event would not have been successful without the generosity of student volunteers from Korean International School – Philippines for all the items given to the children.

With the recent celebration of World Humanist Day, it is important to pass on humanist values to the future generation who will carry it and therefore continue its practices. “We have to break the cycle of teaching children that doing the right thing equals rewards that may or may not be real. Children need to know that doing the right thing and helping others is the right thing to do, even without something in return,” Driskell emphasized when asked about the importance of teaching humanism to the future generation. Among these lessons involve teaching them about everyone’s rights and how inviolable they are, she added. 

HAPI Jr. and HAPI Bacolod look forward to continuing the projects in Escalante City as well as to spend more time with the children in the future.


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