Holiday Greetings from the HAPI Executive Director: Jennifer Gutierrez

Posted by admin | Posted on December 25, 2015

Sharing HAPI-ness is BOTH ways  and kindness begets kindness.

Yesterday, (Dec 23rd ) HAPI made a lot of kids from the Purok 7C community near the riles in Alabang, very happy 🙂 All the officers and volunteers enjoyed the event as well, as these kids have been waiting for this event that turned out to be their Christmas party too as they came in their costumes too!
Too obvious, I was dressed up as Supergirl.

Some kids won as best costumes, and received HAPI mugs as prizes


Riding the trolley to the location made us HAPI and humble

We are very grateful for the toy and comics sponsors which was through the kindness and ebullience of Lex De La Torre, the clown and magician sponsors, those who had donated more children’s books to the HAPI library, those who sent food pledges here and from abroad, our IC officers, especially Ms M ,  our official photographer Yzak Vargas who took the beautiful photos and most especially our lead implementer there Jamie Del Rosario Martinez.

Supergirl meets the Project Implementer, Jamie


Compared to the last holidays I’ve experienced, this year is by far the most fulfilling. I never thought I’d have so much great time with them. And from now on, this will be a pledge 🙂 Supergirl was super hapi yesterday.

What better way to celebrate the HAPI second anniversary as well : to fulfill our mission, to make people HAPI  and to create a better nation, one community at a time.

                                                                               by Jennifer Gutierrez, HAPI Executive Director

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