The Women Who Inspire Me

Posted by Shane | Posted on February 5, 2022

The Women Who Inspire Me

By Kryshia Gayle Solon
HAPI Scholar

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Throughout the years, women have remained phenomenal and inspiring despite the obstacles they’ve encountered. All across history, they proved their strength, wisdom, and potential in ways that inspire us to persevere and be the best versions of ourselves.

When we think about inspirational women, many come to mind. For me, I think about three. First is Emma Watson, not only an actress but an advocate of human rights, literacy, feminism, and environmental issues. She emphasizes the importance of education and its accessibility to little girls experiencing certain limitations. She motivates me to pursue my dreams and keep learning different things because knowledge is not (and shouldn’t be) limited within the walls of a classroom.

Another inspiring woman I look up to would be Marissa Langseth (a.k.a. “Ms. M”), the founder of Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI). She is an exceptional woman who holds fierce wisdom and principles. Not only that, but she also has a generous and loving heart. Words are not enough to describe how grateful I am for her mentorship and kindness. This is a woman who has worked and sacrificed many things to achieve the life she wanted and fully deserved. Beyond her success, she has also shown me that the world is still filled with charitable and respectable individuals (and not just, erm, double-crossing snakes). Through her support, HAPI has continuously bounced back stronger by learning from its past mistakes. She taught me that setbacks and challenges are not a hindrance to success, rather they are great teachers that can hone you into a better person.

Last but not least, is my mother; the very woman who gave me this life. My mother is a pharmacist, and a good one at that. Apart from being good at her job, she has also taught me many life lessons that I hold dear to my heart to this day. My mother can be a bit of a “terror teacher” at times, but that doesn’t make me love her any less. She is genuinely generous and kind. I think of her as a diamond – someone who has been through so much pressure and chaos only to emerge as the remarkable woman she is today. Since I aim to repay all of the sacrifices she made to raise me into who I am today, I strive hard to give her a better life.

The first woman I mentioned inspires only a part of me, but the other two have given me the most impact. These two great women have taught me many things and have given me so much that I cannot help but feel humbled whenever I am in their presence. Both women are role models of the woman I wish to be; a woman who is loving, generous, and courageous enough to conquer whatever lies ahead in her life.

Many people in this world are inspiring, and they are all exceptional in their own way. I firmly believe that people who motivate us to improve are not weak, afraid, or trapped. They’re fearless, with the tenacity and confidence to face their fears and stand up for what they believe in.

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