Kidney Operation For My Father

My father has a mass at the lower pole of his left kidney measuring 4.8 x 5 x 4.5 centimeters. The doctor said that it might be an indication of a stage 1 cancer. The mass has grown in size since my father had an ultrasound scan last year. The doctor suggested that he may need to undergo surgery to remove the mass and then have it biopsied if it’s malignant or benign. Unfortunately, the cost of the surgery is too much for our family and we may have to wait a long time to save for the money that the doctor is asking. By the time that we have the money, the situation might become worse.

I didn’t grow up with my father. It was my grandmother who raised me since I was a baby. We see each other occasionally when I was a kid but we weren’t able to build a strong father and son relationship. He was able to share some valuable things with me though like the passion for music as he is a musician. He also shared so wonderful lessons I have kept now that I am an adult.

Although he didn’t raise me, I feel that I need to help him. He may not have been the ideal father but he is still my father. I love him and I hope you can help him get well.

Donation requested by: Lou Bryan T. Valentino

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