Snack Packs for HAPI Juniors

Posted by Marissa Langseth | Posted on October 10, 2021

Snack Packs for HAPI Jr.
By: Angie Driskell

The plans for HAPI Jr. had been laid out and scheduled for the rest of the year, but due to the constant changes in quarantine guidelines, it has been near impossible to continue as planned. This does not mean, however, that the children should suffer. Our first step towards a sense of normalcy was to distribute snack packs to the children.

Each snack pack contained two packs of noodles, a pack of crackers, a sachet of corned beef, and one small flavored milk. They were then packed in bags with a personalized note to each child reminding them to stay safe.

Three waves of distribution took place. The first wave for HAPI Jr. – Delarama on August 21, 2021 provided for 30 children. The second wave for HAPI Jr. – Bulacan on September 4, 2021 provided for 20 children, and the third wave for HAPI Jr. – Caloocan on September 19, 2021 provided for 35 children. We thank our anonymous donor for his generosity and making it possible to buy all the groceries needed.

HAPI Jr. is currently trying to adjust and find ways to continue with scheduled programs and educational campaigns with less face to face contact. Until then, we hope to keep our children smiling through these difficult times.

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