HAPI has some merchandise that you can choose from for promotion and to wear on specific events.

We have stipulated a contract with Nurse Jay that every T shirt he sells, he will donate 20 pesos to HAPI Kids for their monthly Nutricamp (feeding).

Black and White HAPI shirts – Please contact Nurse Jay Directly Landline (043) 980-0052 Mobile:09176290734


White shirts and HAPI mugs


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Samples of white HAPI shirts


Professional HAPI pins for special occasions
Button pins for ordinary occasions


HAPI  mugs at 120 pesos contact jamie@hapihumanist.org



HAPI patches at 120 pesos each for cellphone and backpacks or any smooth surfaces

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HAPI  merchandise above please contact jamie@hapihumanist.org



A HAPI book is brewing . You may  pre-order this limited edition book via our HAPI Project Director: jamie@hapihumanist.org
To be launched at the HAPI con 2017 -June 10-11, 2017
Price – 250 pesos for authors, 300  pesos for regular members

HAPI Superstition shirt at 200 pesos only
SHADE shirt at 200 pesos only


HAPI cap available in white, gold and silver prints




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