ARK sails for 2020

Posted by Javan Poblador | Posted on December 31, 2020

ARK sails for 2020

by Eldemar Sabete
Bacolod City


A sea of catastrophe has emerged since the start of 2020 and created phenomenal waves of problems that affected not only our country but the world rather. Many of us, Filipino, most especially those who are poorest of the poor suffer a lot from depression, starvation, and illness due to this sea of unbelievable things that just happened this year.

ark 2020

But even how big these waves are, it can never sink our ARK, Act of Random Kindness, to sail across the angry sea, together with Humanist Alliance Philippines International, coordinated by HAPI Junior and Negrese Toy Collectors, and through the support of different people and effort of Bryanito Valentino and Reyes Family that led us to make things possible, inspired hope, kindness and planted seed to young minds of children and grew the good deeds within. 

We observed and we can feel a lot of smiles and a thankful atmosphere cover all the venues in the communities of Catabla, Tayabas, and Matab-ang, Talisay City. Almost 200 beneficiaries both grannies and children got their pamaskwa on December 20, 2020.

Prior to the main event, priceless hard work and commitment showed by the organizers and volunteers from HAPI Junior guided by Bryanito since the day of purchasing and packing of donations from kind people had produced a cascade of hope to the beneficiaries.

Despite the ongoing crisis that the world is experiencing right now, there is still kindness within the people. Thus, the ARK project is the great year-ender for 2020. HAPI Jr. is hoping that the upcoming year 2021 will be full of great adventures, love, and hope. 


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