Haw How the Carabao, oops it’s a BIKE we want

Posted by Claris Quezon | Posted on December 6, 2019
Bulk transport is still done by the ever-reliable “Repapits”, the carabao for hire.

Nobody will ever understand what transportation means until we don’t have any or unless we have experienced to walk for kilometers just to get from one place to another. See, leisure walk and hiking are totally different from walking as a necessity.

Compacted 1.1km lahar road from the nearest entrance to the community before the 800m hanging bridge.
The 800m hanging bridge for humans to cross faster, for bulk travels, you’d have to cross the lahar laden Sacobia River, just do not cross during the rainy season, it becomes a raging lahar river.

I have been supportive of the Indigenous People for a number of years but have been very fortunate to be actively participating in the growth of the Aeta Community in Sitio Haduan. Maybe because they are the nearest and accessible to my paying work in Pampanga.

I am a lowlander, so trekking is harder for me because I am used to jeeps, taxi’s, bus and tricycle to take me from point A to B. But there are times if I needed to bring items to the mountain, I ended up renting out a carabao. I am used to seeing my friends bring the items bought from the city through the use of their heads, or any part of their body that can carry whatever they need to bring to their destination.

Even the carabao need some help, uphill trek challenge.
The Aetas know hard work- uphill or downhill they carry what they needed to transport in any means possible

We have been working hard in finding ways to compensate for traveling with our wares, education included.

There is now a dedicated elementary school that the children can go to, and I must say we have a very dedicated and loving group of public school and volunteer teachers also. We only had the 6th-grade curriculum this academic year. But the sad thing, there is no junior high school. The nearest junior high school is located about 8.8km from the community. So technically if you are a student you have to travel 17.6kms to school and back home. If you ever been to the mountains, you will understand what I meant that you have to be at the foot of the bridge by 5 in the afternoon if you ever want some light to guide you home.

The uneven rough road on the side of the mountain, minimum uphill hill 30 minutes walk from the entryway of the hanging bridge.


We had created a project called “weekend market for a bike”, although there were a few changes, the idea was to raise enough money so that the students I have been proactively supporting will have a bike for Academic Year 2020-2021. The initial plan was to prioritize the incoming 7th graders. It is designed so that the students who are deserving and serious in continuing their education will be inspired to do just that. My students and I believed that through the use of a bike, their walking time will be shortened and the distance will not be as tedious.

From the mountain fresh produce to a fun run event, we hired a jeep to take us.
Under the heat of the sun, frisbee game, all for the elusive bike.
West Aero Park, the home of the weekend fresh produce of the mountain.

The HAPI founder Marissa Langseth found about it during one of her update calls and so our Chief Finance Officer/Brand Manager sprung to action and took charge of the marketing. Our worked that started in August 2019 ended with a Bang! HAPI CFO Edwin Bulaclac secured us 12 bikes from pledges of Hapi Founder Marissa Langseth, HAPI donor Brian Kerswill and SwimBikeRun.ph Carlos de Guzman.

The helmet to accompany the bikes.

This transport shall become a very helpful tool for them to be inspired to study and aim for higher education. Another win for HUMANISM with the help of HAPIest people.

And the plan came all together with the HAPI people.

For pledges to the Bikes for Haduan Project and/or the Mount Haduan Literacy Project, you may donate via:


For direct bank transfers, please message the HAPI Secretariat via
+63 929 248 2231 (Viber/WhatsApp)

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