HAPI Bacolod’s EmpowHER (feat. Empowered Women)

Posted by Shane | Posted on March 16, 2021

The month of March holds annual awareness events of many causes that are globally significant, including World Wildlife Day, World Book Day, and even Shakespeare Week! Two of the most important and highlighted, though, is definitely the celebration of International Women’s Month and in particular, Women’s Day on March 8 where we celebrate and uphold women’s rights and highlight the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

EmpowHer: featuring empowered women” is an initiative by the folks of HAPI Bacolod to showcase not just two prominent HAPI women but also other ladies with various advocacies who also volunteer with organizations that they partnered with before. This aims to not only strengthen their alliances but to give a platform and inspiration to people who will come across their stories.

Every week throughout March, the HAPI Bacolod page is filled with poignant answers from women leaders about the importance of women in their advocacy, the struggles that they encountered being a woman in their field, and their piercing message for young lasses who will take on the challenge in the future.

Moreover, members of HAPI Bacolod also joined the social media campaign #ChooseToChallenge which is this year’s theme for International Women’s Month. It shows them raising their hand signifying their support and commitment in choosing to challenge inequality, calling out biases, questioning stereotypes, and helping forge a more inclusive world.

Hanggang ngayon ba feeling less empowered pa rin kayo?!” (Until now, do you still feel less empowered?!), went one snide comment under EmpowHer’s pubmat when it was shared by the HAPI-From Superstition to Reason page. People like these are the reason why women still need to be celebrated and should be given a platform, as they feel rage and attacked once women are recognized. Feedback like this did not deter EmpowHER because, until now, HAPI Bacolod will still be sharing and posting the meaningful stories of stunning ladies who unapologetically broke obstacles and rose from gender stereotypes.

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