A Setback in Modern Society

Posted by Contributor | Posted on December 16, 2022

A Setback in Modern Society

By Johnny Denden
Lead Convenor, HAPI Cagayan de Oro
Photo by Joeyy Lee on Unsplash

In the modern era, the public judges us through stinging “words,” which could result in depression and anxiety for any given individual. After society judges them through sensational hearsay, rumors, and gossip that spreads throughout their community, a victim becomes concerned about their image. This is a source of consternation in what we call a modern and well-informed society, wherein the majority is fed lies. Information is easy to get in today’s society: it could come from a call, a text, or various parts of the internet. But I’ve observed that many choose to believe only the rumors that sound good to their ears despite how it could ruin a victim’s future.

Words have turned into weapons in 2022: more than ever, they possess the ability to destroy someone’s hope or, at worst, lead someone to consider killing themselves. A large number of people who have already fallen prey to this “weapon” have never recovered from their loss of confidence. Yes, your “words” have the ability to influence others – you have the power to uplift someone and enable them to hold onto hope. They have the power to make or break society, thus you must think before you use them.

A lot of bad things could happen if we don’t know how to manage our words. Understanding our environment and each individual is a tedious practice because we don’t know what they have experienced or their battles. In order to understand them and become a solution rather than a problem, we must put ourselves in their shoes; after all, as a great band once put it, the love you take is only equal to the love you make.

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