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Posted by Claris Quezon | Posted on September 21, 2019

I have been informed by our founder that a GMA 7 researcher is looking for me for they are interested to make a documentary or run a stoy about an advocacy we are supporting, and people in our organization knows that once you are given an instruction she is expecting result. She has given instruction to make things happen and it should coincide with our Chief Finance Officer, Dee’s Birthday.

ready for his gifts of love, HAPIest Birthday, HAPI CFO, Dwengster Bulaclac

Turns out, the story will be about, how HAPI is providing humanitarian support to incest victims. The only place I am strongly connected with,  is Bahay Pangarap Women Center under the diocese of Malolos located in Guiguinto, Bulacan. GMA 7 researcher said the story will revolve around the work that I do for the center and how HAPI is supporting the victims and or programs that we are involved in.

Shao, Reel Time Producer with us (Dee, MJ & I), doing our Hygiene Kits Shopping.

My involvement in Bahay Pangarap is not a personal whim, it is with conviction that I am invloved. When I was in grade school, my best friend confided in me that she was “inaasawa ako ng tatay ko”, I was ten years old. I dont know what it meant so I have told my grandmother who forbid me from going to the house of my best friend. She would rather have us in our house than me being in their house. Things were like any child’s life, well for my case it is. One day on my birthday, I asked her how she was holding up because I was already aware what incest was, she just gave me the most chilling laugh, when we were approaching our highschool graduation she told me, “di kita makakalimutan dahil ikaw yung laging nagtatanggol sa akin pero sana pagdi mo ko makita wag mo ko hanapin, basta ako ang hahanap sayo, wag ka magalala magiging ok ako”, true enough a day before graduation celebration,  she left without a word to anybody in her house, her dad did not stop bothering me until my mother asked  him to stop.

This is the place for the lost and the hurting, where a chance to heal is given. Support us in

Years have passed, and I still blame myself for not doing anything in my power to stop the abuse that is happening to her. Hence, when I had the chance, I promised myself I shall do everything within my capability to help those who are in similar situation.

sharing the love for others is fulfilling to your heart
with Ms M,  as my mentor, taught me to grab opportunities with both hands as it presents itself to help promote and empower my advocacy. (The interview of GMA7)

Bahay Pangarap Women Center has several social services that is intented to help the victims cope and manage the abuse they went through. They have livelihood programs like selling upcycling products, dishwashing soap and prayer beads. The main source of fund for them is through donations and pledges.

Cooperation and unity is what makes us all HAPI, we are #HAPIkami

I asked our HADAVENGERS for the donations but since it was also the birthday of our CFO, he has volunteered to have his birthday in the center sharing his gifts of love. It was really a bonus treat that GMA7 has reached us for this project before he celebrated his birthday,  at least,  we get to hit two birds with one stone.

the gift of love is the elixir of life to the children who are still hurting
the source of pride, sense of acceptance and importance to them

HAPI being an organization that believes in progressive humanism offered us the freedom to support our chosen advocacy and empowers us to make things possible for our own projects.

eating together makes us stronger

What you do for humanity is your own personal choice but how you do it will be the manifestation of your true calling.

I shall remain an advocate for children’s right, empowerment of women in all walks of life and be the voice of the disadvantage,

Truly a HAPI place to be. #HAPIKAMI

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