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Posted by Claris Quezon | Posted on February 25, 2020

Bikes… Biker… Biked
Written by Claris Quezon, HAPI Central Luzon Lead Convenor
February 25, 2020
Mt. Haduan, Bamban, Tarlac

Being a part of the HAPIest group on earth whose mandate is to promote humanism in all forms has its rewards. With the exception of spending endless laughter for a good cause with similar-minded people, the greatest reward is that it will help you find a way to help the project, or projects, which you are attached to. My weakest point is networking and Mama Dweng keeps reminding me that there is magic in it 😉

getting ready for delivery

HAPI Central Luzon supports a variety of active projects, i.e IP literacy education, PWD, LGBTQ++ rights and the Bahay Pangarap Women Center, thus we really needed to network so we can assist our chosen recipients. We were trying our best to find a sustainable way of transportation.

A bicycle offers both the mobility and the environmental sustainability that we have always been aiming for, plus it is a lot more affordable than most modes of transportation.

the modern day CARABAO has arrived

The Bike concept is simple, it is an easier way to travel with the least  time spent in walking, thus saving you the time if you ever need to get from point A to point B.

the transport being transported 🙂

Through proper connections and networking, we were able to raise the needed number of bikes for our supported .

My co-convenor for Central Luzon MUTYA VALENZUELA clinched the much-neeeded support from the truly wonderful ANGIE MEAD KING. Our CFO EDWIN BULACLAC was able to get’s Carlos De Guzman of the Philippine triathlon community on board, and our very own HAPI member BRIAN KERSWILL of Canada came through as well, plus of course the never ending support from our HAPI FOUNDER MARISSA TORRES-LANGSETH and her truly benevolent and equally generous husband JERRY LANGSETH of New York City. Special mention is also given to the very caring assistance and big big discount provided by staff and crew of Celeste Cycles Congressional Avenue Quezon City Branch of the Mega Ideal Enterprises Corporation and Ms Iryn Abaricio for the acquisition of the bikes and bike helmets plus very convenient delivery to Dau, Pampanga where our HAPI Central Luzon team was happily waiting for pick up.

assembly for one scholar
the first bike scholar
on a test run

These efforts are very much appreciated. For most people, a bicycle is simply a tool to unwind, used in sports or recreation. For us and our chosen beneficiaries, it is more than that.

It is a lease to a new life of appreciation. It gives our chosen scholars the feeling of being a part of a privileged few. Some of our beneficiaries have gone through harrowing experiences, but when we do take part in their life, their faith in HUMANITY is somewhat RESTORED.

Bahay Pangarap Recipients waiting for their Bike share

And this is where I am most proud of… belonging to a select few that offers a chance to be HUMANE – for I spent many days trying to find a way to be HUMAN at all times. HAPI is HUMANE for we only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE!

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