HAPI-Bacolod Takes Part in Children Summit and Baseline Research

Posted by Contributor | Posted on December 19, 2022

HAPI-Bacolod Takes Part in Children Summit and Baseline Research

By Glemir Sordilla
HAPI-Bacolod Member | HAPI Scholar


“Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation.”
– Kofi Annan

HAPI-Bacolod joined Community’s Hope and Initiative for Lasting Development, Inc. (CHILDInitiative) for their Project ISA – Isip, Swey, Alert focus group discussion last November 20, 2022, in Bacolod City. CHILDInitiative invited Francine Abalayan, HAPI-Bacolod’s Finance Officer, to share her knowledge and be a respondent in their study concerning Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health and Employment and Empowerment among the youth.

The participants were also given two surveys, namely Knowledge, Attitude & Practices (KAP) and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) to further assess and analyze the people who attended in terms of their characteristics and situations.

Abalayan and the other participants were divided into groups according to their age and advocacy wherein she represented HAPI and humanism. The groups were made so the respondents could talk about various struggles and problems of the community they work with. They ended the first session of the event by presenting these issues so everyone can have a glimpse of the people that their advocacies focus on.

The second session proved to be as interesting as the first with participants being government agencies and different NGOs this time around. This is where they tackled and talked about the problems and struggles of the youth.

“I feel empowered knowing that even though I’m the youngest among the group or [that] HAPI-Bacolod is an organization that consists majorly of young people, we can be heard and we can contribute to finding a solution to certain social issues,”  Abalayan answered when asked about the feeling of being recognized and heard during Project ISA.

She added how proud she felt that she was able to share humanism as an advocacy and the experiences that she acquired through HAPI.  

The session continued with an engaging SWOT analysis and talking deeper about the issues by formulating, collaborating, and communicating with the NGOs, stakeholders, and government agencies. The youth recommended and lobbied for policies that they deemed accurate and efficient in combating the problems that this generation faces.

In terms of lessons that stuck with her, Abalayan spoke about the importance of collaboration within various sectors of the community.

She further noted that Project ISA taught her about breaking the stigma and misinformation about Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health.

Events like this where the youth is the main driving factor give them a confidence boost and a reminder that they are heard. Humanism is still mostly a foreign concept among Filipinos so HAPI-Bacolod is grateful for the opportunity given by CHILDInitiative to speak their minds and flourish with their fellow youth.


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