HAPI Jr. Brings “Springtime” to Bulacan

Posted by Shane | Posted on April 17, 2021

HAPI Jr. kicked off its “Springtime” series of events last April 10, 2021 in Malolos, Bulacan in cooperation with the HAPI-Bulacan Mothers and the Chapter’s Lead Convenor, Mutya Valenzuela. The theme was chosen by the HAPI Jr. Ambassador, Angie Driskell, as the spring season symbolizes light, life, and new hope.

Due to the strict protocol and guidelines revolving around children due to the pandemic, it was not possible to visit or meet with the children face to face. Although this presented a challenge, it was not going to hinder them from not accomplishing their goals. The “mothers group” of Bulacan were asked to come in batches of four in 15-20 minute intervals to receive the items on behalf of their children and to be given a briefing on what they were expected to do in order to engage their children in the activities prepared for them. 

Each child received vitamins, masks, and coloring books with stickers to keep them healthy and entertained. They received fresh vegetables such as squash, string beans, okra, and eggplant which they were instructed to help clean, prepare, and cook under the supervision of an adult. They were also provided a small pot, potting soil, and three types of vegetable seeds. In keeping with the seasonal theme, the children were asked to plant the seeds and document the progress of their plants. The goal was to encourage them to be self-sufficient at a young age and able to provide for simple or basic needs at home. It also develops a sense of responsibility in them. 

The mothers were more than eager to get started on the meals and even sent photos of the different culinary masterpieces within the day. The very next morning was time for planting and that was well documented as well. It is a testament that proper guidance at home can lead to the development of values and responsibility in children. It is also proof that children are eager to learn and participate in such activities. 

We look forward to more activities and events with HAPI Jr. – Bulacan and hope to spend more time face to face with the children. Until then, we wait to see their plants grow healthy and strong, just like them!

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