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Cool Treat for Cebu PWD (Persons With Disability)

Students and teachers of Consolacion SPED Center stoked for their share of ice cream.

This is the second installment of the PWD feeding in Cebu courtesy of the Torres sisters: Patricia, Marissa, and Agustina. While the other two sisters who sponsored the event are away in the US, Agustina Torres braved the heat of the 11:30 sun in Cebu last December 15 for the cuddly students of Consolacion SPED center to a sweet treat.

What better way to fend off the heat of the sun than ICE CREAM?

Yehey Ice Cream! Well, yes, those kids screamed in excitement for ice cream when they saw Ms. M’s sister, Agustina, with a big container. This is a special treat for the kids already since most of them don’t get ice cream everyday.

Getting to the venue from Royale Cebu Estates is not just a walk in the park. The way going to the SPED center is steep, and the heat of the sun exacerbates it- that was the effort exerted in making this feeding event possible. Around 70 students enjoyed the cool treat with their lovely teacher Juvy Auman.

Jethro showing off his ice cream scooping skills.


For sure that is not going to be the last time that they will be fed, as the Torres sisters vowed to make this a regular event as their means of paying it forward. Another amazing display of humanism worth emulating.



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