HAPI-Sorsogon Goes on a Nature Trip!

Posted by Shane | Posted on May 7, 2021

By Stephany Lovendino
HAPI Sorsogon – Writer

In celebration of World Earth Day, HAPI-Sorsogon conducted its biggest breakthrough as a Chapter with the HAPI Film Screening and HAPI Tree Planting Activity – a two-day event serving the earth and humanity, full of learning, laughter, and adventure!

The HAPI Film Screening was held in Salvacion, Castilla, Sorsogon last April 22 and was attended by the youth of Castilla. The film entitled “Home” is a 2009 French documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Composed entirely of aerial shots of various places on Earth, “Home” shows the diversity of life and how humanity is threatening the ecological balance of the planet.

One of the participants shared their thoughts about the film. “I was enlightened and the film made me sad at the same time”, they said. “Sad because that is the [last thing] I expected to happen to the Earth and enlightened because I now know what change[s] I can do to stop it from happening. Not that I can make a big change but at least I can make a difference!” Indeed, it was a fruitful event.

After the film screening, it was time for adventure as the team climbed to their next destination, the famous Rolling Hills in Salvacion. Together with the help of barangay officials, they climbed the high mountain and were rewarded with a breathtaking view of Rolling Hills. The best view, as they say, comes after the hardest climb.

The setting sun, non-stop camera clicks, and the smiles plastered on everyone’s faces gave them enough time to set up their tents to stay over for the night. Sharing laughter and food, the team made their night a blast and enjoyed each other’s company through games that showed how creative and how strong they are as a team.

At exactly 7 AM on April 23, the team finally set out for their last activity, the HAPI Tree Planting. Along with the seeds of fruit-bearing trees and signages they prepared which encouraged bypassers to water the planted trees, the HAPI-Sorsogon team went to their next destination: Asupre Lake, a famous spring located a few kilometers away from the Rolling Hills.

The team ended their adventure trekking and planting trees with the hope of coming back and seeing the seeds they planted grow into big trees. It felt like a never-ending walk filled with laughter, conversations about the experience, about what it would feel like to come back again to the location, and how amazing it was to be part of such a productive activity.

The last stop was Bual, a mini-waterfall located in Salvacion where everybody enjoyed a much-needed dip. After a tiring yet successful event, HAPI-Sorsogon’s adventure wrapped up! The team went home with the hope of coming back again.

HAPI-Sorsogon would like to express its sincerest gratitude to HAPI Emeritus Ms. M for making this project happen!

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