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Posted by Marissa Langseth | Posted on March 25, 2021

HAPI International Women’s Month!

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This is us. We empower women, especially those who spell women as “we, men”.

For the month of March, I applaud, cherish, and dedicate this month to the women in HAPI who dedicate their lives to humanity in general and HAPI specifically.

Some of them are mothers with full-time jobs yet are active in volunteerism to propagate our causes in the Philippines, which include secularism, humanism, and education about science and common technology necessary for daily living.

HAPI’s goal is zeroed in on education. These women have shown themselves as great and indispensable educators in local scenarios and barangays in the Philippines.

I want to honor and send them my heartfelt gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

This is one way to appreciate their work in HAPI and I am forever grateful for the volunteering spirit they have accorded to HAPI.


For more information check us out at

For HAPI Scholars, check us out at

If you want to be empowered, join us in HAPI!

“I am an empowered woman since 2010. I will no longer accept mediocrity.”

Kind regards,

Marissa Langseth



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