HAPI Kids for the Earth!

Posted by Contributor | Posted on April 25, 2022

HAPI Kids for the Earth

By Glemir P. Sordilla
HAPI Scholar | HAPI-Bacolod Member

HAPI-Alabang Kids are once again stepping up towards making a difference in their community through their first official Clean-Up Drive. Officers and several volunteers of HAPI-Alabang prepared a fun but, more importantly, productive day. It consisted of the anticipated Clean-Up Drive together with a talk centered on the importance of hygiene and a Feeding  Program at the end of the event.

Approximately 50 kids gathered at Iliya Alabang, Muntinlupa City last April 19 to participate in the activities. The children enthusiastically brought their brooms and other cleaning materials for the clean-up drive to be efficient and successful. Through picking up garbage in their area, notably on the railroad tracks, the kids were able to see just how drastic the issue of proper waste disposal is. It opened their eyes to a handful of solutions on how to prevent the trash from piling up and causing diseases to fester in their community.

After the triumph of the Clean-Up Drive, Jhing Dedicatoria, Assistant Lead Convenor of HAPI-Alabang, talked to the kids and the volunteers about the importance of cleanliness. Then, they thoroughly washed their hands with soap and clean water. The delight on everyone’s faces during this particular portion of the event proved that they understood the significance of the tidiness of their surroundings as well as their bodies. 

A delicious and nutritious meal of rice, misua (wheat flour noodles) with vegetables and meat, hardboiled egg, and fresh juice was served at the very end of the event’s Feeding Program. The bento boxes that Humanist Global Charity (HGC) donated last year were used by the kids to fully enjoy their meals. The delectable foods were cooked by the hardworking volunteers in the Reading Room.

“Considering the area they live in, garbage and its proper disposal are a constant problem. By teaching them at a young age how to keep their surroundings clean, they will, in turn, maintain it and encourage other children to do so as well,” said Angie Driskell, Project Head of the successful event, when asked about the value of educating the younger generation about the Earth.

When asked about their next step, Angie excitedly mentioned that the ideal next project is to set up a small, sustainable vegetable garden that will be taken care of by the children and their families. This will teach the kids about responsibility and sustainable living. “This will provide for their needs when it comes to vegetables. They will also continue to maintain cleanliness around the garden,” she added.

With the celebration of Earth Day just a couple of days after this event, this was also HAPI-Alabang’s way of emphasizing the magnitude of difference that it can make in educating the next generation about the value of their surroundings for themselves and for the community that they are a part of.

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