Project ULIKID: No One Left Behind

Posted by Javan Poblador | Posted on January 4, 2021

Project ULIKID: No One Left Behind

by Eldemar R. Sabete
Bacolod City


Ulikid is a Hiligaynon term that is equivalent to the word “look back” or to bring to mind those who are in need most especially those who cannot afford it.
Amlig is a Hiligaynon term for “provide” which means give the resources they are needed for a specific reason.
Katalagman, a Hiligaynon term for the English word “risk”, which currently we all share.

As we are suffering from a lack of food to eat, resources to thrive and to survive from this threat of COVID-19 that continues to spread and increase day by day; Our government decided to open the economy for trades to resume, and jobs to continue.

project ulikid
Photo Credit to YEY! Project ULIKID Batch 3 at Rizal Elementary School

Know that budgets intended for different sectors and departments including education have been cut off to give or provide for the war against the unseen enemies, but why is it hard for the Department of Education to understand these situations? Choosing to resume classes even when we are out of resources and don’t have enough budget to produce the needs of our students. And most importantly, to compromise and risk the health of the teachers, staff, and students. When they should have to put it on hold or suspend the classes for the meantime until next year or when the cases are dropping.

We understand the means of education, ways to learn we have right now. It’s either online or modular. But are we ready for this type of education? Luckily for those who lived in the city who have access to the internet that makes their classes more convenient.

I want you to imagine. Try to look first at your situation right now. How is it so far? Do you enjoy it? And now try to stand or wear the shoes of those who lived in the mountains, rural areas. Those who are far from these opportunities or privileges we enjoy every day. Can you see the difference? How odd is it? 

Photo Credit to YEY! Project ULIKID Batch 2

Project ULIKID is initiated by students who understand the situation, and passionate to deliver what is lacking in some schools to lessen the burden they are experiencing. Continued and named by a couple of organizations, Youth Empowering Youth Initiative and Humanist Alliance of the Philippines, International Junior joined to keep it sustainable. Where I believe most members are still studying too. Designed to keep everyone on track so no one will not behind.

Project ULIKID is right now working for its Batch 4 after the successful implementation of the delivered three Batches from different schools here in Negros. The first was in Tabu Elementary School located in the upper part of Kabankalan City on October 16, 2020. The 2nd Batch was held at Don Chrispino V. Ramos Elementary School on November 13, 2020, and one week after we completed our latest one in Rizal Elementary School.

We can’t go back to our past and change the things that have just happened but it doesn’t mean we will just allow how it affects our present, still we have the power and the courage to change it for the better.

Ulikdan ta sila sa padayon nga pag Amlig palayo sa Katalagman.” No one should be left behind.


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