Spreading Joy: HAPI-CDO Program to Feed and Delight Children in Need

Posted by Contributor | Posted on May 4, 2023

The HAPI-CDO team conducted the HAPI Arroz Caldo for Kids feeding activity at Sitio San Pedro Taguanao, Brgy. Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City last April 23, 2023. The activity was supported by Kagawad Bruno Exequil of Brgy. Indahag, the Sangguniang Kabataan of Indahag, and Sitio San Pedro officers. 

The feeding activity took place in a far-flung area where access to basic necessities is limited. Even though the journey on foot was not easy for us HAPI-CDO volunteers, the warm smiles and welcomes from children in the community made the effort worthwhile.

The delighted children were eager to start the feeding activity when the volunteers showed up. We quickly set up a small improvised kitchen and went straight to cooking for the kids using ingredients like chicken, rice, and vegetables. The volunteers entertained approximately 30 children by playing games and getting to know them and sharing stories while their food was being cooked. We also asked them about their future goals. Some kids stated that they want to work as police officers to safeguard our nation’s citizens, as doctors to treat the sick, as teachers to educate the kids in their communities, and in a variety of other professions. We were amazed by the children’s resilience and happiness despite the harsh condition of living in such a remote area.

Then, the food was ready and everyone gathered around for the meal. The HAPI-CDO volunteers served the children with love and care, and the children ate heartily, savouring every bite. It was a beautiful sight to see the children’s faces because once they received their meals, their faces lit up with genuine smiles. The activity was not just about providing children with a meal, but also showing them that they are loved and valued

The feeding activity was a memorable experience for both the volunteers and the kids. It serves as a reminder that kindness and optimism may be found even in the most isolated places. As a volunteer, this experience taught me that, in spite of the difficulties we encounter in life, kindness, and love can make a world of difference.

We expressed our deepest thanks to GO Humanity and the people behind this successful activity that changed a lot of people’s lives.

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