Still Not Used to the New Normal? 3 HAPI Tips for You!

Posted by Shane | Posted on February 9, 2021

By Donna T. Darantinao
HAPI Youth Ambassador
Dumaguete City

Art by Angelo Greñas
Art by Angelo Greñas (Behance) of the HAPI Scholars

For over a year now, the pandemic has kept us within the walls of our homes and limited the distance that our feet could take us. From being able to travel from place to place, precautions appear to top our list of priorities to keep us safe from being stricken by COVID-19. Where our previous day-to-day activities used to revolve around preparing for school, or work, or other commitments outside of our homes, the new normal has forced us to settle inside and rely on virtual platforms to be able to carry out duties that we are to fulfill.

A very accurate example of this is being able to get through the semester or the period or the quarter through online classes. Indeed, online classes have been a great leap for students who are used to face-to-face classes because in face-to-face, we do not experience internet disruptions or other interruptions that come our way when we are attending classes at home. If we experience power interruptions in face-to-face, discussions still carry on because we can still participate live. But in online classes, it is a different story.

Although every student has his or her way of coping up with these dilemmas every day, it would sure come in handy if they were able to read one or two articles to help them study or cope up with the bitter effects of virtual classes, especially for those who were not really prepared for such a pandemic and are still saving their way towards a stable internet connection or a convenient gadget for classes.

Be patient.

Photo from AIHR Digital

Undoubtedly, online learning tests our patience on so many levels: from the slow internet connection to the delayed schedules due to other disruptions brought about, we would need a load of patience to be able to be okay with things getting out of hand. A good example is when we have organized the schedule and learning materials that we would be using for that day but because of intermittent internet connections, we end up struggling to even just enter our virtual platforms and end up not being able to participate in discussions. What’s even worse is when few of our instructors do not give us the benefit of the doubt.

We cannot succeed in online learning if we constantly slack off

Patience is very essential so we can convert our upset feelings into a ray of determination. With determination, we can come up with back-up plans or even with just the will to carry on which is one of the most important thoughts we must bear in our heads.

Be disciplined.

Art by Angelo Greñas

Indeed, discipline is a very good value to possess because having it means that we are open to what instructions will be provided to us, especially if it would also mean our development and learning. We cannot succeed in online learning if we will constantly slack off (mind you, we are all guilty of this at times) instead of getting our tasks done. If we end up not being able to reach our expected grades, then we end up blaming the system or even some of our instructors for the fate that we have stumbled upon.

We must keep in mind that even in virtual learning, our instructors’ rules should still be followed which is why if we do not, there will always be a bitter consequence for it.

Be accountable.

Photo from Photo Honas (Pinterest)

Finally, with whatever results we get, we have to always be accountable. With every action we make, we have to always own it. If we fail, we have to accept that in life, we stumble and fall. We can grieve about these falls, but what’s most important is for us to be responsible for them and to accept them as hurdles that we need to overcome in order to grow.

With whatever results we get, we have to always be accountable

It is true that we may fail, but that does not mean we can never try again. Many people succeed from constantly trying things they have failed in at first or even at the tenth. It does not matter especially if you finally reach the goal that you have been reaching for so long. And in that moment, you will realize that all your hard work paid off — that success is even greater than all the times you have failed.

As what Scots-American preacher Peter Marshall said, “When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.” The pandemic is only a challenge to the human race to test and see if we shall rise. Do not blame yourself if your struggles still lead to failures. A lot of people always say that we cannot afford to try again, but then they still do.

Try again. It won’t hurt.

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