HAPI Code of Conduct

Our Principles of Ethics and Integrity are designed to promote and support shared values: integrity, honesty, trust, compassion, love, kindness, innovation and respect for diversity. Each of us, regardless of position and responsibility, play a vital role in observing the highest standards of conduct in all we do.

Membership Requirement:

  • Agreement to the HAPI Code of Conduct

Membership Benefits:

  • Opportunity to meet and work with promising leaders of the HAPI community
  • Privilege of being in the HAPI Donor Circle (Diamond/Tier 5 Member)
  • 10% discount on convention fee and HAPI merchandise
  • Invitation to contribute articles for the HAPI website
  • Free admission to the HAPI Libraries
  • Volunteer hours can be counted towards extracurricular requirements in school
  • Certificate of bonafide HAPI membership, signed by the Executive Director and Chairperson
  • ID card for proper representation, where applicable



via deposit to BPI Family Savings Bank:

Account Name: Humanist Alliance Philippines International, Inc.

Account number: 6083-3810-41

Swift Code : BOPIPHMM

For local bank transactions:

1. No Service charge transferring from other Banks

2. Cash and Cheque deposits should be with the same BPI Family Savings Bank

3. International Service charge of PHP 50.00 plus Documentary Stamp of PHP 0.30 per PHP 200.00.

Send scanned bank receipt to info@hapihumanist.org.


via PayPal

Click the yellow “Donate via PayPal” button on the top-right side of this page, and send the funds to donate@hapihumanist.org.


NOTE: HAPI reserves the right to return donation and membership fee for valid reasons.