HAPI-Bacolod’s Chapter Development Workshop with HAPI-National

Posted by Contributor | Posted on June 1, 2022

HAPI-Bacolod’s Chapter Development Workshop with HAPI National

By Glemir P. Sordilla
HAPI-Bacolod Member & HAPI Scholar

“With organization comes empowerment”

– Lynda Peterson

HAPI National, represented by Angie Driskell, Van Catayong, and Garry Rabang, met HAPI-Bacolod’s officers and members for a productive Chapter Development Workshop last May 24, 2022.

The workshop, which was made possible through a grant by Humanists International, aimed to discuss HAPI’s future strategies and plans on both the local and national scales. It also provided a platform for both parties to raise their concerns, ideas, and plans that they felt should be addressed and considered.

After a delightful meal that everyone shared over entertaining stories about HAPI, the workshop began with Catayong breaking the ice by answering fun questions. Afterward, the Bacolod chapter was tasked to engage in a SWOT Analysis in order to recognize the chapter’s current situation and potential next steps.

An open forum was also conducted to answer questions regarding the HAPI social media, the identity of each chapter, and the membership details. A questionnaire that included riveting questions about HAPI’s national operations was also given for collective agreement. The purpose of this activity was to consider all the opinions and voices of the chapters in terms of decision-making.

Except for the recently-concluded Outreach Program in Escalante, Negros Occidental, this was the first time that some of the HAPI-Bacolod officers and members ever met people from HAPI National. When asked about meeting the “Bacolod peeps”, Driskell said that getting to know all the members and officers of HAPI-Bacolod really opened her eyes to what they are capable of.

“I know that HAPI-Bacolod will continue to fight for what they know is right and will benefit humanity. I know they will continue to stand up for their advocacies and spread awareness in order to open the eyes of those who do not yet fully understand what they are fighting for. I believe they will be able to make a difference in Bacolod, and I expect nothing less,” she replied when asked about her expectations for HAPI-Bacolod.

HAPI-Bacolod extends its utmost gratitude to everyone that made this event successful, especially the grants program of Humanists International. “The workshop got its objectives to gather and consolidate our ideas and suggestions for the betterment of the organization’s structure and system. Also, we’re very happy that our national team heard our concerns about some issues [that we have been wanting to improve for] a long time,” Eldemar Sebete, HAPI-Bacolod Lead Convenor, said regarding the workshop’s productivity.

This event helped the chapter progress significantly. It was plain to see with the way the officers’ questions were answered, how they realized their chapter’s strengths & opportunities, and lastly how their ideas were recognized. Workshops like this can not only enhance the morale of each chapter but highlight what an organization needs.

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