HAPI Bacolod’s Hunay-Hunay Trip

Posted by Shane | Posted on August 23, 2021

By Glemir Sordilla
HAPI Scholars

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The HAPI-Bacolod Chapter found themselves in Manlambus Resort, Escalante City last August 12-14 for Project Hunay-hunay. The Hiligaynon term “hunay-hunay” translates to “to rest” or “to regain power” which can pretty much sum up how the event unfolded. The three-day and two-night activity, which took place near a magnificent view of the ocean, served as a team-building program for the HAPI-Bacolod team. It gave members refreshing and out-of-the-box experiences which helped them grow in the areas of communication and collaboration.

Furthermore, this venture officially welcomed the new set of HAPI-Bacolod officers who were voted for a couple of months ago. With the knowledge that they have grown a lot since their HAPI Junior days, the members of HAPI-Bacolod are excited to continue their advocacies with a fresh batch of officers.

Project Hunay-hunay was unfortunately pushed back a couple of times due to pandemic protocols as well as members’ busy schedules. On the bright side, however, the latest dates for the project coincided with HAPI and the youngsters’ first-ever meeting four years ago. The activity thus also became a celebration and held a special meaning for them.

The first day and night consisted of them traveling on the road, checking out the area, and setting up their campsite. The brutal weather did not deter the team in the slightest so even as thunder boomed and rain poured, they still played cultural games and reminisced about their journey in HAPI in the confines of their little cottage.

The second day saw brighter and promising weather for the HAPI people. Continuing to have fun, they were able to utilize the whole area since they were the only people present other than the caretakers of the resort at that time.

Upon nightfall, Eldemar Sabete, HAPI Membership Officer reminded everyone of HAPI’s mission coupled with questions about each of the member’s strengths, weaknesses, and what being a HAPI member means to them. Naturally, the constituents answered eagerly and truthfully, with some stating that HAPI opened their eyes to how the world works and how it drove them to be better citizens.

By the final day, everyone got ready to go back to Bacolod with renewed spirit. The prohibition of using cellphones during their stay plus nature’s healing power not only helped the team feel reinvigorated, it also made them look forward to what lies ahead in the future.

This event would not have been successful without the help of their mentors from HAPI and the people working behind the scenes who continue to support and believe in their capabilities with the same unwavering trust that they offered four years back.

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