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Posted by Shane | Posted on May 25, 2021

By Van Catayong
HAPI-Zambales Lead Convenor

Kapag meron kang choice, piliin ang maging mabuti.” – Garry Rabang

We are proud to inform everyone that HAPI-Zambales’ efforts these past few months have been noticed by the local media!

Last May 11, our baking workshop was featured on Morning Balitaktakan, a morning talk show by RNG-Luzon (formerly ABS-CBN Baguio). Garry Rabang, HAPI-Zambales Assistant Lead Convenor was interviewed by Paul “Papa P” Baldoza and Shekinah Cudao, the hosts of the program. Watch our featured interview – timestamps 39:50 to 50:35 – through this link!

RNG-Luzon also posted a news piece about our successful Bread Donation Drive and Baking Workshop for their flagship news program, Luzon Headlines. Van Catayong, HAPI-Zambales Lead Convenor, talked about the backstory behind the bread-giving project and the Chapter’s recent livelihood seminar. Check it out through this link!

RNG-Luzon is based in Baguio City and is a digital multimedia platform covering local/regional news and current affairs program through television and social media.

Garry and I have been initiating our Bread Donation Drive since the onset of lockdown last year to extend help to our recipients who were and are in need of help during this pandemic. With the support of our family, friends, and HAPI – Humanist Alliance Philippines, International, we managed to continue this project.

Just recently, HAPI-Zambales conducted a livelihood program about the basics of bread-making. The purpose of the workshop was to share our baking knowledge and skills to our attendees.

Again, to everyone who helped us at HAPI-Zambales make our initiatives a reality, thank you for the effort, trust, and support. Without you all, we couldn’t have made it this far.

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